F&F at Tesco Spring/Summer '12 preview

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Tesco bloggers evening where I got to have another natter with the gorgeous Sarah, Sarah, Hannah and Lily. I also got to meet Kat, Emma Lizzy and Jazmine for the first time who are lovely in real life!

I trotted off to Waterloo to the amazing OXO2 dragging my boyfriends sister along as my plus one, too be fair she didn't take much persuasion! The evening consisting of making funny faces in the photobooth, attacking the Stylist man for Topshop vouchers, chasing the waitress around to nab some fish and chips, becoming part of the blue ring club after finding one in a cracker, lusting over gorgeous summer clothes and making the most of the champange. So as you can probably tell, it was a wonderful evening!

Oh the clothes! They were gorgeous! I fell completely head over heels for this cream lace mid dress. It was completely beautiful and felt like it had my name written all over it. I cannot wait for it to hit the stores.

How pretty is this floral maxi skirt? Who would have guessed that you could pick up something as amazing as this in your weekly shop. It will be perfect to take on holiday with a simple vest top and a pair of gold sandals.

I also fell in love with this bright pink bag. It is the perfect size to carry all my junk around and add a pop of colour to any outfit.

I am so pleased to find that midi skirts will be bang on trend again come the summer months. They are the perfect length for work. I love the colour of this green pleated skirt, isn't it lovely?

I love the frills around the neckline on this navy and white polka dot jumpsuit. It helps to add a little extra. Again this would be perfect in the summer months with a pair of sandals and a white shawl for when it gets a bit chilly.


Photobooth fun!

Me and my plus one for the evening. Photo credit goes to Hannah.

Thank you very much to F&F team for throwing such a fantastic night and to Elana at We Are Social for the invite.


  1. It all looks gorgeous, I want the lace dress too! The red midi dress is lovely too,


  2. That green skirt's got your name written all over it. x

  3. I want want WANT that bag!


  4. Really like that red bag - great shape x

  5. Check your out with your little events now.. Next you'll be forever drinking mojitos (Ok I will stop with these jokes! - it's cause i'm a jealous bitch!)
    The first dress is an absolute beaut! It would definitely suit you a dreaaaam! Sounds like an eventful (mental) event! xx

  6. It sounds like a really fun evening! That white lace dress is gorgeous, I'll be looking out for it whilst doing my shopping! x

  7. Ahhhh looks like you had a really great time, I'm always pretty impressed with Tescos clothing range xx

  8. I was so jealous I couldn't make it to this! Really wanted to go but alas the stars did not align and I am left jealously looking at everyone's photos instead! Maybe I'll see you next time?!

  9. Love your photobooth pictures, was such a fun evening! Hopefully see you soon Sophie x

  10. I can definitely see you in that first dress!

  11. That floral maxi skirt is beautiful! Found your blog on Twitter --I'm also a poor shop-a-holic :-)

    xx Alex

  12. The lace dress is really beautiful and the cupcake looks delicious

  13. Looks like so much fun! (especially the champagne) x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  14. Your hair is so perfect lady!


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