A Snapshot #4

001: First attempt at a ring manicure this week. I really like it although I have lost count of how many people asked my why I had one glittery finger. I just explained it was a Kelly Rowland thing but I still don't think Essex is ready for this jelly.

002. Recieved a second glossybox this month free of charge after I attended the Motel Rocks event. I was so pleased to receive the bath salts and the nail wraps. I actually perfered this one to the one I paid for!

003. Finally managed to get a huge chunk of my Christmas shopping done. I only have about 3-4 left to get so am feeling pretty good about it. Hopefully I will get it completed by the middle of December.

004. Girls night out! Worryingly when I got to the local club I was informed I didn't need to show my ID because "he knows my face as I am always there". I am not sure if that is a good thing! I suffered today at work but it was worth it, had lots of fun dancing!

005. Team Edward! Finally went to see the new Twilight film simply so I could stare at Robert Pattinson for a few hours. It was pretty cringe-worthy at times but I think it was pretty true to the book which is always good. Anyone else thinks that Edward just constantly looks in pain?

006. Perfect hangover food. I popped out for dinner after work with a few collegues which was very welcomed considering I seemed to have a second wave of a hangover by 3pm. Nothing beats a bit of stodge when you feel like you are dying.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, your nails look lovely!


  2. I keep meaning to try that ring manicure thing too, I'm sure people would be similarly puzzled! I haven't received my free Glossybox yet, can't wait! Sounds like a fun night, a few too many shots though maybe :p xx

  3. love that dish!!! looks delicious!!! thanks for the post!!


  4. Haha, some people just don't get the ring manicure. My friend keeps saying to me "oh you've painted one nail a random colour again" When I said it was an accent nail she said it was just me trying to draw attention to the rock on my finger pmsl!

  5. Ooh, love your nails! That looks like the best kind of hangover food, yum :) x

  6. What a fabulous weekend you had. Oh, miss Girls Night Out. Doesn't it feel good to get holidays shopping done early?


  7. Love the nails! I really like the one different nail at the moment. I never really want to paint my nails completely in glitter as I feel a bit like Barbie, but this is a much better way!

    Penny x

  8. That trend for a fingernail painted a different colour is a new one on me. Looks good tho' x

  9. Wow, Sophie, I'm really jealous that you're almost done your Christmas shopping... I have yet to start, plus must get my boyfriend a birthday present, grrr. Don't know if that's good about the club or not, but at least it shows you're dedicated and loyal, hehe!

  10. I love your manicure...even though I've never heard of it as a trend before! Barry M Nail Paint is fantastic. I love all the colours. I always struggle when it comes to getting glitter nail polish off though!

    Laura x

  11. Love that first picture - yes please to glittery red nails! Love the idea of one accent nail as well - too bad people just don't get that it's faaashion dahhhling!

  12. Going to work with a hangover is the worst. But if you had fun, it's totally worth it lol.

    Mabel Time

  13. I love glitter polish but it's such a pain to get off!

  14. The ring manicure looks great, I want to get that red glittery barry m polish! x

  15. Oooft have you used the nail wraps yet? I've got that pair but because I'm not allowed to wear them at work I'm waiting for the perfect opportunity or special occasion! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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