You had my heart inside of your hand

Outfit: Snow leopard print blouse - Primark
Tulle midi black skirt - Next
Round toed black court shoes - Topshop

Finally an outfit that is not entirely Primark. I do have some items in my wardrobe from different shops haha! This skirt is what my boyfriend refers to as the "halloween witch" skirt. Despite that I love, I feel like a fairy in it! I have noticed though it is makes my legs look a little stumpy so perhaps I need to wear higher heels. I found this blouse tucked away in the cupboard so that was a nice little surprise. It’s like having news clothes when you find something after months! I am so pale, I am trying to wean myself off the fake tan. I don't know what’s worst. Ghostly pale or radioactive orange...

I had a very eventful weekend! I travelled up to Milton Keynes to see the Foo Fighters who were amazing, Dave Grohl has such stage presence, they were joined on stage by Alice Cooper. A little surreal to say the least! Biffy were immense, I am desperate to see them again! We ended up leaving a little bit early at 11pm in order to beat the rush. Turned out we didn't really have to bother. It took us two hours to get out of the carpark, whose bright idea was it to have six carparks leading into one road? We then managed to get onto the M1 and we hit a major traffic jam. Decided to take a break from the road at about 4am as my friend fell asleep driving whilst we were in a traffic jam. Not good! It took use 45 mins to get back out onto the motorway. Finally strolled in my house at 7am on Sunday morning, a total of 8 hours after I left Milton Keynes. It should have been an hour and 15 minute journey. I was lucky enough to see sunset and sunrise that day (s). I then had the pleasure of having 1.5 hours of sleep before I had to go to work. Needlessly to say I thought I was dying at work and am still recovering after having nearly 11 hours sleep last night. I am off to bed after this is posted for another early night. Still at least it's a story to tell the grandkids!

I managed to get my hands on the Nails Inc freebies from Fabulous magazine, anyone else get lucky? I love both the colours and am going to give them a whirl over the weekend. I think the pink might just be my favourite.


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  2. The Foos and Alice Cooper? I'm jealous. I was listening some fans that went talking about it on Fearne's show on Radio One.
    That's one lovely outfit. Nothing like a witch. Men are so flipping cheeky! x

  3. I love your witchy skirt :) Sounds like a loooong journey xxx

  4. Well I for one adore your "witchy" skirt. Men just have no taste!

    Gosh you had a very long day! We were once stuck for 6 hours on a car park after watching Robbie Williams. We just went to sleep in the end!

    X x

  5. I love that skirt, its so pretty. Sounds like a nightmare of a journey home. I adore Biffy live, they give it everything.

  6. oh my , what a wonderful outfit ! Love the skirt <3

  7. quite a tale you had getting home. i hope you had a good rest and are back to your normal self again.

  8. Great outfit and the skirt is fab. I also love how youre able to take outdoor pics without the neighbours thinking youre crazy, I need a high fence like yours!

  9. I luffs your skirt. A skirt to swish and swirl is ALWAYS good.

  10. Witchy skirts are the best. Sounds like you had an interesting night, foo fighters are great!

  11. What a nightmare journey, crazy! Love your outfit, long skirts are always so perfect for twirling :) Not witchy at all by the way! xx

  12. that such a lovely skirt :)
    and the color of nailpolish are wonderful!


  13. great outfit. love the nailpolishes.

  14. Haha, not Halloween-ish at all! I absolutely love it,

    Rosie x

  15. You look amazing, I am so jealous that you can wear skirts that length! It might be because I'm 16 and I end up looking live I've borrowed something way to big for me from my mum's wardrobe... you on the other hand, look gorgeous!
    I am so so so so so jealous that you went to the Foo gig! Me and my sister wanted to go so desperately! We went to see Biffy live last year (mega fans!), they are amazing aren't they!? Foo Fighters are on our list of people we HAVE to see! :D

  16. Ohhh this dress is so beautiful, the way that its skirt part moves is so beautiful.
    You look so joyful :3


  17. I've been wanting a skirt like that forever! I LOVE IT!

  18. That skirt is gorgeous, brilliant find! Glad you had a good time seeing Foos! x

  19. ohh, your next skirt is beautiful! did you buy it recently? you always have the most lovely clothes, i'd love to raid your wardrobe one day. hehe. xxx


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