He walks away, the sun goes down

Black blazer: New Looks
Black rouched sleeved top: Topshop
Black and cream pleated skirt: Primark
Round toed court shoes: Topshop
Multi strand faux pearl necklace: Mothers bedroom

What is this? An outfit post? It is indeed my lovelys! Christmas in July means that I have been getting into work, eating dinner and going straight to bed. But as of next week I am getting home at an reasonably hour so will have more outfit posts for you if you want? I have quite a few new things, from Primark of course!

My mum treated me to this bargain skirt (only £5) today and I just knew I had to wear it tomorrow to work. Still not entirely sure that it is flattering, I think it makes my legs looks stumpy (still trying to lose weight, am stuck at 3 pounds). But I love it enough to wear it anyway. It is just so ladylike and seems perfect for working in the city. I want to walk along the platform swishing away. The rest if the outfit is old old and more old. I have had these shoes for about 3-4 years and had only worn then a few times. But these last few months I have worn them to death. It would seem they are the perfect work shoe!

I am off out for dinner tomorrow, meeting my friends at the classy establishment that is Wetherspoons. I think I might have a cheeky vodka and cranberry juice. You know, push the boat out.

How has your week been so far? Anything exciting happen?
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  1. This is a beautiful outfit! I think the skirt really flatters you, especially when it's paired with the blazer. So cute! x

  2. Very apt title, my dear!
    You look fabulous, very clasy which deffo belies the price you paid.
    Have fun at the 'spoons, you can't beat it. x

  3. Black and cream combo...very Chanel darling! (Or as my boyf calls it: Channel. Oh dear.)

    And have I mentioned your bed linen before? It's lovely, where did you get it from?

  4. What a bargainous skirt! You look fab, and nice nod to amy wino. xx

  5. Ah, can't go wrong with Wetherspoons! Have fun :)

    I love that skirt - can't believe it was only £5. Bargain. Looks really classy & expensive!


  6. That's gorgeous! That skirt is so lovely, really flattering xxx

  7. yes a very ladylike outfit you look very elegant x

  8. oh i think this outfit looks really classy ;) i always steer away from blacks as it reminds me of waitressing jobs in the past, but you are proof here that it can be done ever so elegantly :)

  9. Love the skirt, what a bargain! I usually worry about stumpiness as well what with being pretty short. I tend to wear midi skirts with wedges to add a little bit of height :) xx

  10. Luvverly skirt! I love wearing things that make me feel ladylike - probably because I never act it!! xx

  11. you look like charlotte from SATC here!! so pretty.. LOVE the skirt! :o) xx

  12. This outfit is so pretty!

    I love that skirt, it's so classy. Doesn't make your legs look stumpy at all, it's really flattering :)


  13. Love that skirt so much! Can't believe it was only £5! You look gorgeous, like a proper city girl!
    Rebecca x


  14. I love your post and blog so much!!!.))

    I need your help. I spend another survey but this time with another question.
    "Where do you prefer to shop? What is your favorite shopping center?"

  15. I really like this on you, the skirt's lovely and swishy. And good old Wetherspoons is always where my friends and I meet up for a catch-up :D xxx


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