A snapshot #1

I always love reading about these. So here you have a snapshot of my week via my iPhone

001. This last month I have gone to so many Christmas in July at work press shows I have lost count. I already have my Christmas list sorted. This Alexander McQueen Union Jack clutch is top of my wishlist. Can the lottery gods make sure my boyfriend wins the jackpot?

002. Excuse the overexposed photo and the extremely cheesy grin. My best friend came and met me after work on Friday for a half price Pizza Express and two for one cocktails in the Slug and Lettuce. Winning combination.

003. I did a carboot on Saturday which I do not recommend is the best thing to do when you are hungover. However needs must. My boyfriend as you can see had a whale of a time. We made £25 after we took the £11 back we paid for the car. Not a mind-blowing amount but it is all going in our holiday spending money pot. We are clearing out Connors house, his dad has kindly let us keep the money and my Uncle is moving house so he has kindly let us keep the money for his junk too. We have enough goodies for at least 3 more bootsales so if we make £25 at each one we will have £100 for our holiday. Not bad.

004. Some holiday reading. This was all I brought at the bootsale for a £1 each. To be honest it was all I could afford. I saw some beautiful china cups and saucers. But I don't have a house and cannot afford to move out until about 964891279128 years. I also still owe £120 on my holiday plus spending money so cannot be spending money willy nilly. It did not help that they were the stall behind us and I was staring longingly at them.

005. Itunes Festival. Connor won some itunes tickets to see Mogwai and the support act errors? It is not really my sort of music, I should imagine you need to be off your head to enjoy it. No offence to anyone, I just like a bit of guitar. We went along anyway to Camden and had a nandos thanks to Oliva's suggestion. We ended up leaving after the support act but it was still a nice random day out. We walked along the lock and did a bit of people watching. It felt strange being in Camden after the Amy Winehouse news broke. RIP Amy. No matter what people say I think you should remember that she was someone's daughter and the pain that her family is going through right now. I think people should have a heart.


  1. lovely:)

    hope you'll visit back!

  2. That is a lovely clutch. Here's to lottery tickets :) x

  3. Well done on the boot sale proceeds, every little helps.
    So sad about Amy, I cried all through the last gig of hers I went to as I knew it would be the last time I'd probably see her. x

  4. I love this kind of post, its always nice to see a snapshot of people's weeks. Everyone else always seems to be doing something much more exciting than myself. And the news about Amy is terrible. I really did hope she was going to get better as well. She had such a beautiful voice and I loved her music, such a shame. xxx

  5. I still need to read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. My boyfriend just finished reading it and he loves it. But I haven't had the time to sit down and dedicate time to reading it. Love all of these pictures!! xx

  6. I love seeing what people get up to in 'real life'. I've been meaning to do a car boot for years but never made the effort.

  7. Lovely! I followed. Your blog seemed quite interesting seeing so according to the blogger's map you are from the same town as me!


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