Bootsale booty

A Theo Miles brown tweed blazer - £2
A yellow paper sun parasol - £1
A small Vogue mirror - 50p

I did yet another bootsale yesterday and managed to raise another £25. So that is £50 in our holiday spending money fund. I quite enjoy this bootsale lark!

I managed to have a little hunt around for myself and came away with some goodies! All for the pricely sum of £3.50. If anyone has any history on any of these items, please let me know!

I have no use whatsoever for the parasol as my dad very kindly pointed out when I showed him my "junk" but it looks fab in my bedroom and if we ever hit a heatwave I am well prepared!

I had seen the vogue mirrors on various blogs and did a little inward dance when I spotted this on the stall behind mine. When the lady said 50p I couldn't open my purse quick enough. The frame needs a rub down and banging together. I am going to bribe my dad with chocolate. Any idea of the date of this? I would love it if it is a good few years old!

The tweed jacket sold me with the elbow patches. I am going to wear it with jeans and roll the sleeves up. I've not have the chnace to google Theo Miles so am not sure on the brand as of yet.

One pet hate of the bootsale is, why do people come with wads of £20 notes? No I do not have change for that. Ugh.

Anyone else hit any bootsales over the weekend?


  1. Love the tweed jacket. What a bargain!!! x

  2. Wow that jacket is amazing! Perfect for autumn :) xxx

  3. that jacket is an amazing find! Love it and what a bargain. I really must get round to doing a bootsale, I have so much to get rid of.

  4. Wow. Adoring that jacket! What bargains!

    I keep saying I shall go off to a car boot sale but it hasn't happened so far this year!

    X x

  5. £25? That's brilliant, well done!
    That jacket's fab, you'll look gorgeous in that.
    Those mirrors were all the rage in the 1970's, it was usually Vogue or Snoopy. x

  6. ADORE the vogue mirror (as I tweeted!) Well done on the little spendage, I always find I end up speneding my car booty makings!

  7. L-U-V-ing the tweed blazer! Will look amazing when it gets a bit chillier (ie next week).

  8. That blazer is amazing!! Scarlett x

  9. Great stuff, all of it. Loving that mirror

  10. Love the jacket!! Great find. Love the parasol too, who cares if you have no use for it?! xx

  11. I love car boot sales, haven't been to one for ages. Love the parasol would have been perfect for my holiday to Egypt xxx

  12. I am SOO jealous of your new blazer & your mirror. We don't really have many car boot sales in Dublin, mostly vintage markets. I definitely need to start going to them again x

  13. I love that blazer, what a great find and deffo get beehive when you can, it's such a pretty lipstick!

    Stacey xx

  14. Wow, congrats on those bargains! I sold some old stuff at the flea market last weekend, but didnt find any treasures like you...


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