Warehouse are doing random acts of kindness throughout the month and choosing a follower on twitter or a fan on Facebook to send a goodie bag. I had complained on Twitter that I was having a bad hair day and on my way to an interview. I then got a tweet telling me that to make sure bad hair days never happen Warehouse were going to send me a goodie bag of hair products by Label M. I gave my address in lightening speed in case they changed their mind and within two days these beauties below were mine. All worth a staggering £105. You could say it was my lucky day!
The goodie bag included four shampoos and conditioners. The orange blossom shampoo smells gorgeous!
A massive tin of hairspray, just as well as mine is running out. I was also gifted some heat protection spray and protein spray (which is not pictured for some reason!)
Mousse and dry shampoo, again products that I was running out of. Does WareStyleTreats have special powers?Thank you so much Warehouse, this has actually made my week!
Have any of you been lucky enough to recieve some WareStyleTreats?


  1. oh wow, this is pretty cool! You are so lucky.

  2. That's fabulous, you lucky thing xxx

  3. wow - amazing!!! hope the interview went well xx

  4. so cool! I was selected yesterday, I cannot wait!

  5. your so lucky! i won something once on a blog giveaway and still haven't even received that... boooo



  6. Oh, wow, you lucky thing! Love stuff like this. x

  7. Ohh congrats! I had some label M intensive mask and it worked wonders on my hair. Tony&guy swear buy this brand


  8. An actual useful goody-bag! My last one (from a Hotel party) was just some shower foam! So, have you had any bad hair days since then? ; )

  9. Wow, how lovely. Well done hunnie.

    Sadie xx

  10. How lucky! I barely win anything!


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