I have finally handed in my dissertation thank god! So now have all this free time on my hands that I do not know what to do with! I did a few bits and pieces today but still have a list as long as my arm! I have so much to catch up on! Hopefully i'll be able to blog a lot more too!

These are things that I would treat myself to celebrate finishing Uni if I had the money. Alas I do not!

Leopard print platform - Asos
I need these in my life! They are beautiful. I adore the chunky heal and the bow on the front. I just need somewhere to wear them so I can jusitify the purchase.

Black classic Raybans
I have some fake ones that I brought from Turkey a few years ago but the "Rayban" has rubbed off which is rubbish. I would quite like some real ones though please!

Staw floppy hat - Topshop
This will be perfect for the summer. As with everything in Topshop it is overpriced for what it is so I think I am going to look elsewhere for something similar!

Floral sleevless cropped tie shirt - Topshop
I can see myself wearing this with a maxi skirt for the summer. It's such a lovely pattern!

Vivienne Westwood pearl bracelet
I have been eyeing up one of these for a while, I think I might put it on my Christmas list. A tad early I know but you might as well be prepared!

Also I have finally gotten chosen the winner for my giveaway via random.org. I bet you all had forgotten about it eh? So after a extremely long wait the winner is:

Mica aka Flights of Fancy!

Well done! Ill send you an tweet or if you see this before you get an email just email me your address!


  1. A big yes to all of the above! Especially the amazing platforms! Congratulations on finishing your dissertation! How exciting!

  2. aw shame I didn't win! I love the pearl bracelet. It looks so pretty. Well done on finishing Uni :)

  3. Oh it's those beautiful leopard platforms again! If you buy them I'll cry with jealousy!

  4. Love shoes. I need a pair of leopard print shoes. My life won't be complete without them!

  5. Ohh that sleeveless topshop shirt is lovely - i must have. Though i've gone a bit blouse mental this spring.

    And. I. know. exactly. what. you. mean! I hate hate hate Mark, he makes me want to become a lesbian I hate him that much. "I need to have the girls on my arm" - the girls on your arm are parasites my dear.

    Oh my clearly I get too into it aswell, sounding like a psycho


  6. Yay well done on handing in the diss! Love that cropped top from Topshop, very pretty! xx

  7. i love the topshop sleeveless top! x

  8. Congrats on finishing the dissertation! Your comment about the raybans really made me laugh...i also bought a cheeky fake pair whilst in Turkey last year and have had the same problem!
    I am totally lusting over those platforms too.

    And..yayayay! Can't believe I won your giveaway :) Looking forward to the lovely bits arriving!


  9. ahh congrats on the dissertation! they've got us writing proposals and all that nonsense, despite the fact that ours isn't due in until next march!!!

    i looove the blouse, so cute!

    Annah xx


  10. Sweet wishlist :) I tend to spot everything I want only when I don't have the money to afford it!

    polkadotsandpinafores.blogspot.com x


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