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I am still alive. My apologies for neglecting blogging. I have had a hell of a week which included two interviews, brownie camp and filling out various job applications. Hopefully this week will be a little calmer.

In the hope that I will get a job, perferably one that pays me please, I am looking at getting together a working wardrobe. I am under the illusion that in order to work in the city I must wear a heel. A week in commuting may shatter this but for now I need some affordable heels/wedges. Enter Matalan.

White espadrille wedges - £16

As summer is coming up I want to invest in lots of maxi dresses and skirts for the office. I think they are conservative enough for work yet fashionable enough not to be considered a frump. As hopefully I will be working on a magazine I need to look the part. White goes with everything hence why these are a winner. I love an espadrille for the summer and the wedges means they won't be mean to my feet. These might just have to be a purchase come payday.

Tan cork wedges - £14

Tan is another colour that is perfect for summer and goes with everything. These will help to give me some height whilst still allowing me to have some comfort. Hopefully.

Brown lace up peep toe heels - £20

I am a sucker for a peeptoe, I just think they look so elegant. These would look fab poking out from underneath a maxi dress. I much prefer brown to black in the summer, it looks less harsh. Again these might accidently find themselves in my basket come payday. Please god let me have a good month!

Cream flat moccasins - £12

These are perfect for the days where my poor feet need some relief. I have a cunning plan to wear flats on the tube and then stash them in my handbag on the way to office. Who's to know I haven't been wearing them all day?

Lace up desert boots - £14

Ok so these will not be suitable for work. But I love them! I have been lusting after a pair of desert boots for ages. They are only £14! They are the best summer boot. I just need a reason to justify buying them!

I have not been sponsored for this post, I just liked what I saw!


  1. Best of luck, hope the interviews went well and you get the job you want! I adore those first wedges, I'd love them especially in red!

  2. OOOhhh good luck m'dear :) I'm also applying for jobs at the mo, it's pretty stressful! I'm loving those peep toe heels! xx

  3. Good luck! Loving your choices of shoes. xxx

  4. i love the title of your blog, i think it applies to most bloggers! lol :) love all of these shoes specially the last one!

  5. Good choices Sophie! I always go for the wedges, they are so awesome- best of the heel and best ot the flats, so comfy yet glamorous! :) Good luck with the job interviews I hope you got it! :)

  6. love the lace up peep toes!! :) x

  7. these are all devine, ive been wanted desert style boots forever

  8. I'd take all the wedges, yes please!

  9. Some lovely shoes there! I love the first pair and the desert boots.
    I just bought two dresses from Matalan - they can turn up some really nice stuff,

    Rosie x

  10. i love your choice of footwear. get the lot. they're all competitively priced and good lick with the job hunt.

  11. oh what great picks! loving the white wedges, and such great prices!




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