Happy Birthday Mum

Floral tea dress: Topshop via a charity shop
Navy tights: Primark
Navy faux suede courts: Primark

I am not quite a 100% sold on this outfit. The first thing my boyfriend said when he saw me was that I looked like a teacher. Is that a bad thing? In otherwise do I look frumpy? I think maybe it is the length, its actually from the tall range so that might be why its a little long. Although I am 5ft 8 so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I might chuck this onto the ebay pile. Oh well it will do for tonight!

I found this a few weeks ago in a charity shop and only just got round to wearing it. I originally brought it because of the longer length and thought it would be suitable for a "proper" job. Bum skimming dresses don't quite seem right for a professional. I picked out the navy flowers and chose to wear navy tights and courts. Not had time to have a shower before i'm off out so thrown it up in a bun. Looks quite nice even if I do say so myself, very pleased with how it turned out!

I am off out for dinner tonight to the local noodle bar as it is my mums birthday. How lucky am I with my parents having a birthday a week apart. Expensive much! I didn't have anything to give her but I am buying her theatre tickets to see the Wizard of Oz at the West End. We just need to decide on a date and then I am booking them!

An oldie of me and the mother. Kinda a bit blurry as its been scanned but how much do I look like her! Its scary how much I look like her when I she was my age! So similar! Thats me as a bubba!

Going to a jumble tomorrow which I am very exciting about! Hopefully the jumble gods will be looking down on me and I will come away with some right bargains!


  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely Mum!
    That dress is gorgeous, definately worth taking it up a few inches as it fits you beautifully and is such a pretty print.
    Good luck at the jumble. xxx

  2. You look so beautiful! You always dress so nicely and elegantly. Your hair looks lovely too (say it's dirty but it looks so shiny!) you and your mum look a spitting image of each other too, it's so lovely! have a lovely evening! xxx

  3. Happy birthday to your mom.You look so alike!

    I love that dress on you an your hair looks fab too.

    X x

  4. No, you don't look frumpy! I really like the dress, its a good length. Cute bun, it looks great like that. You and your mum look so alike. Thats really sweet though. Have a fab time at the jumble sale. Lets hope you can find some cracking stuff :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mom! I love your dress :)

  6. Lovely dress and the picture is adorable! x


  7. You definitely don't look like a teacher! Well, maybe a very glam one but definitely not frumpy! Love the dress, print is gorgeous

  8. You do look SCARILY like her! I do like that dress a lot, the print and cut are GORGEOUS, but if you're worried about looking like a teacher I'd pair it with high heels, bare legs and a denim jacket?

  9. You look very pretty, I like the dress.



  10. You look so lovely! Boys are silly (& maybe he had a super hot teacher) x hivenn

  11. Hope your Mama has a lovely day. That's such a sweet photo, you look so similar indeed! Quite scary! Maybe how your Mum looks now is also an indication of how you'll age... in which case good? My mum hasn't a grey hair on her head and she's nearly 50.. here's a-hoping ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  12. There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking like a teacher! I think it's pretty cool, actually. Your dress has a lovely, vintage look to it. You look good, it suits you!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  13. I think the dress looks wonderful - maybe you will warm up to it? I especially love the cut out back!


  14. Mmm lovely dress


  15. I love this dress! I don't see teacher at all, well, maybe a little bit but in a good way! If you feel frumpy you could try a bright coloured pair of shoes or tights with it?

    Happy Birthday to your mum!

  16. You look gorgeous, because I'm only 16, I think that longer lengths make me look like I'm dressing up in my mum's clothes! Your lucky you can pull this off! Haha :D. You don't look like a teacher at all! Hope you had a good night and your right, you do look scarily like your mum! Wow!

  17. I think the dress is lovely, Men no nothing about Fashion! *Sigh* xxx

  18. that dress is beautiful! =)


  19. I love your hair. it's gorgeous!

    And I actually think you are rocking that dress, it makes you look very elegant. :)

    The Cat Hag


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