Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had an amazing night.

This is my outfit that I wore. I didn't want to go too over the top as we only went for a meal at a local Indian, only a 5-10 min work from my house which was a result! No expensive cab fares for me! So I settled to wear my favourite leather shorts and a new jumper that I brought in the Next sale for £20 reduced from £40. I added some spotted tights to try and break it up a bit. My dad said I looked like I was going to a funeral when I had opaques on! He also asked me why I had a dead rat on my shoulders. Have to love dads!

Jumper: Next
Leather Shorts: Topshop
Spotty tights: Primark
Fur coat: Primark
Clog boots: Next
Bag: Next, stolen from the Mother.
Nail varnish: No 7 Milan 70
Watch: Toywatch

I have a few new years resolutions that im going to try and keep to this year.

1. Manage money a lot better.
I believe I am the worlds worst with money. I get my wages and they are without a doubt gone within the week. No joke I survive on under a tenner for the last 3 weeks of every month. Don't get me wrong as soon as I get paid I pay off any debts I have outstanding but once that is done I just seem to fritter it away. Be it on clothes, going out or endless amounts of magazines. Since I graduate this year I want to go lots of places. I have Dublin, Poland, Cornwall and Turkey in the pipeline and I need a lot of money to make this happen!

2. Exercise more
I have a membership to a jazzacise class and before christmas I was doing really well. By eating healthily and exercising I managed to lose 12 pounds, But then my coursework got on top of me and it all went out the window. I stopped going and started eating junk food again. But now Im going to make the most of the classes beens im paying £17 a month! I want to lose at least a stone and a half before we go to Turkey in the summer.

3. Concentrate on the people who truly matter
I dont make friends very easily, the majority of them I have know for most of my life. Ive been feeling like a bit of a mug recently and have decided that I dont need to treated that this. People who I thought were my friends proved that they only wanted to talk to me when they had nothing better to do. I have an amazing close circle of a few friends and a phone call at half one this morning from my best friend confirmed that these are the people that I need to concentrate on. These people are the ones who have my back, tell me when im being a idiot and will listen to me when i talk about mindless rubbish. I might not see these people for months on end but when I do its like we have never been apart.

My favourite boy and I :)

It was nice to go out for civilised meal with friends. As you can see im the only girl. Yet again! Most of my girl friends I have know for so many years and they all now live away so I dont spend that much time with them. These are my sixth form lot who are my boyfriends best friends. So I tag along with them most of time! Now Im one of the lads and I dont even think they see me as female anymore haha! We went back to someones house and didnt end up leaving until about half three. It was really good, I like to talk to people now rather than shout over the music. Im too old for that now!

Also a big thank you to all my new followers, it means a lot that you read my ramblings!


  1. Great photos! Especially love your collar in the last few!



  2. Happy New Year! I'm glad I'm not the only one to survive on a tenner for weeks because I've spent all my money on things I really 'need'. I'm going to be better this year! x

  3. Cute fur coat, Can't believe it's from primark! & The spotty tights look lovely.

    Now following you- Hope you can follow back!

  4. I'm a huge fan of the spotty tights, although everytime I wear them I seem to ladder them! Do you have the same problem? Gorgeous outfit :)



  5. Wow, great shorts! You look really fab.

  6. ditto! mine always ladder, my trick is that when i've got a ladder in them i wear them under maxi dresses with ballet pumps so you can only see the feet :)

    S, x

    p.s. i'm following you!

  7. i really like what you're wearing! :)

    hope you'll visit/follow


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