Music Monday - Well there's only so much drama I can stand

We are Scientists
These are another my of my favourite bands. Although I always shamefully seem to forget about them. Im listening to Itunes doing coursework, all be over soon thankfully, and they came on shuffle. I got all excited and made sure I played their albums back to front. I listen to them non stop for a few weeks then my fickleness comes out and I move onto another band and they are forgotten about once again. The cycle continues.
Ive been to see them three times and they have been absolutely amazing. They have such a good banter on stage and its so funny to watch. I like a band to include the audience in the set, Brandon Flowers dissapointed me because he did not talk to the crowd. Its nice to feel involved with the band and feel like they actually want to be there. We are Scientists really know how to get a crowd going.
They really are worth a listen. "Nobody move, nobody get hurt" is my favourite and you can't help singing along loudly to it.

The fact that one of the band members is called Keith Murray always makes me chuckle. Can you get a less rock star name? Dont let the name fool you though he is hot! Very easy on the eye haha!

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  1. Your blog is so informative! Really like it :)

  2. Finally someone else who loves them!!!!! NO ONE i know likes them. Its a sad reality. Thanks for your very sweet comment, I just did a new post! Hoping to post regualrly now! Panda xo

  3. I love We are Scientists! The lead singer is fiiineeee, & I love 'After Hours'.



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