Music Monday - Your like a Journalist, the way you cut and paste and twist

I know this is not fashion but a lot of fashion is influenced by music non?
Anyway im going to feature a new band ive discovered, a guilty pleasure or just one of my favourite bands that I can listen to over and over again every Monday.
First up is one of my all time favourites:

The Libertines
I know there has been a lot of negative press about Peter Doherty, to be honest most of the time he deserves it, and this overshadows the band. There was a time where I would defend him to death but now hes had two many second chances. Lots of people already have their opinions made up about "druggy pete" but they should forget all that and just listen to the music. He is an amazing songwriter and some lyrics are just divine. "There are fewer more distressing sights than that of an Englishman in a Baseball cap" ranks right at the top of my list.

After listening to both albums on repeat and trawling the internet for demos and EPs, I finally got the chance to see them live at Reading this summer after 6 years of waiting. Oh it was an emotional time. I stood watching them with a lump in my throat, loving the interaction between Pete and Carl. The twosome were finally back together again.
Thanks to Meg I can now attach a video :) Enjoy, here is up the Bracket. One of my favourites.

I really want one of those red military jackets.

All images are from various sources on google. The video is from Youtube.


  1. Great pick, I absolutely love the Libertines & Pete is just a genius who just went down the wrong path.. I was so gutted when I didn't get to see them at Leeds fest, but I'm hoping they'll go on tour!


  2. I for one LOVES Pete and this post therefore get my seal of approval.

    I have all the albums and have seen him about 15 times!!!

    ta for my comment on Fri about JC, loved all the info too! xxx

  3. I love the Libertines! I'm an Amy Winehouse fan so I'm familiar with being a bit disappointed but still keeping the love lol

    If you wanna embed a video from youtube, just click the embed button under the vid, then grab the code and paste it into the HTML section of the posts (you can change it from compose to edit html)

    Hope that helped! xx

  4. I'm so jealous you have seen him so many times. I've had tickets about 3 times but he never turned up. I've seen carls and johns seperate bands but none compared to the libertines! I'm praying they go on tour soon too I'll fight tooth and nail for tickets! X

  5. Thank you meg! Was trying to work it out for ages! X

  6. I've never really given them much thought, but I might go have a Spotify session now you've recommended them!

  7. You should, they are well worth a listen!


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