Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had an amazing night.

This is my outfit that I wore. I didn't want to go too over the top as we only went for a meal at a local Indian, only a 5-10 min work from my house which was a result! No expensive cab fares for me! So I settled to wear my favourite leather shorts and a new jumper that I brought in the Next sale for £20 reduced from £40. I added some spotted tights to try and break it up a bit. My dad said I looked like I was going to a funeral when I had opaques on! He also asked me why I had a dead rat on my shoulders. Have to love dads!

Jumper: Next
Leather Shorts: Topshop
Spotty tights: Primark
Fur coat: Primark
Clog boots: Next
Bag: Next, stolen from the Mother.
Nail varnish: No 7 Milan 70
Watch: Toywatch

I have a few new years resolutions that im going to try and keep to this year.

1. Manage money a lot better.
I believe I am the worlds worst with money. I get my wages and they are without a doubt gone within the week. No joke I survive on under a tenner for the last 3 weeks of every month. Don't get me wrong as soon as I get paid I pay off any debts I have outstanding but once that is done I just seem to fritter it away. Be it on clothes, going out or endless amounts of magazines. Since I graduate this year I want to go lots of places. I have Dublin, Poland, Cornwall and Turkey in the pipeline and I need a lot of money to make this happen!

2. Exercise more
I have a membership to a jazzacise class and before christmas I was doing really well. By eating healthily and exercising I managed to lose 12 pounds, But then my coursework got on top of me and it all went out the window. I stopped going and started eating junk food again. But now Im going to make the most of the classes beens im paying £17 a month! I want to lose at least a stone and a half before we go to Turkey in the summer.

3. Concentrate on the people who truly matter
I dont make friends very easily, the majority of them I have know for most of my life. Ive been feeling like a bit of a mug recently and have decided that I dont need to treated that this. People who I thought were my friends proved that they only wanted to talk to me when they had nothing better to do. I have an amazing close circle of a few friends and a phone call at half one this morning from my best friend confirmed that these are the people that I need to concentrate on. These people are the ones who have my back, tell me when im being a idiot and will listen to me when i talk about mindless rubbish. I might not see these people for months on end but when I do its like we have never been apart.

My favourite boy and I :)

It was nice to go out for civilised meal with friends. As you can see im the only girl. Yet again! Most of my girl friends I have know for so many years and they all now live away so I dont spend that much time with them. These are my sixth form lot who are my boyfriends best friends. So I tag along with them most of time! Now Im one of the lads and I dont even think they see me as female anymore haha! We went back to someones house and didnt end up leaving until about half three. It was really good, I like to talk to people now rather than shout over the music. Im too old for that now!

Also a big thank you to all my new followers, it means a lot that you read my ramblings!

These boots are made for walking

I finally invested in a pair of clogs, it might be a little late but then I always am! I start to like something as soon as it starts to go out of "fashion". But in my opinion thats a plus because then you dont tend to look like a clone.
As soon as I spotted these going in the sale at work I made sure that I put them in my tub in the sale preview. Im in love with them, Im planning my outfit around them for NYE. They were £55 reduced to £25 from Next. How could I have resisted? The heel is just the right size so that they can be dressed up in the evening or made casual for the daytime. They will be perfect for me to wear during my work experience. My mum is not too keen though, thought they were still too much money!

I also managed to bag this bargain in the next sale, £10 reduced to £1. I think it might be my highlight of the sales this year!

Since you went away my heart breaks everyday.

Another Christmas is over. I have been extremely spoilt this year and have gotten an impressive haul from Father Christmas. My Christmas wasn't anything mind blowing but it was still my Christmas you know? We did the same things we do every year. Eat far too much food, sleep on the sofa and watch trashy Christmas TV. I spent it with my favourite people in the world so it was special.Just noticed a random shoe on the floor haha!

This is my christmas day outfit. It nice to get a little dressed up on Christmas day!

Black Body: Topshop
Black Cardigan: Next
Pleated leopard print skirt: River Island
Pearl bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Red Watch: Toywatch
Pearl necklace: Topshop
Tights: Marks and Spencers

Now River Island is a shop I tend to stay away from, its far to gaudy and dare I say Chavvy for my tastes. But I popped in there on Christmas Eve to buy a hat for my boy and was pleasently surprised by their sale. I brought this gorgeous leopard print skirt for a tenner and a grey tweed shirt for £15. The skirt was perfect for Christmas day because it had a elastic waist so I had enough room for the copious amounts of food I consumed.

My beautiful bright red Toywatch was a present from my boyfriend, he did so well didn't he? Hes a babe! Although I have to say that they fact he brought me a zebra print snuggie pretty much made my christmas. It was without a doubt the best present I recieved. I spent all day in it on the sofa yesterday!

The Thomas Sabo bracelet was a gift from my Uncle and mu parents brought me a "s" charm to go with it. Pearls are my favourite so I am very pleased with it!

I am waiting for my dad to do a massive fry up and then am off out to the boyfriends nans to eat more food and then onto my nans to continue eating and making myself look silly on the Wii.

I hope you all had a lovely day :)

You cheap lousy faggot

My beehives are getting better! Ive tried to show it best I can!

Lace top: Next
Pleated skirt: Primark
Frill shoes: New Look
Tights: Primark
Coat: Next
Bag: Charity shop
Nail Varnish: Barry M

These are my purchases today, I finally got my hands on the Barry M crackle nail varnish, Boots had always sold out! In fact they had sold out today but I had a cheeky look in the drawer underneath with all the stock in and found one! I have no idea what colour to wear it with though. I brought another nail varnish so I could get the free lipgloss. The raspberry shade might be my new favourite! Im a bit disppointed with the lip gloss though, it looks such a vibrant shade but comes out so sheer. Glad I didn't pay for it!

Im off out now to meet up with all my lovelies who are back from Uni for a slap up three course christmas meal in a local pub. Well as slap up as £10.50 can be :)

I hope everyone has a fantastic christmas!

Music Monday - Do it like a dude

Jessie J
Jessie J is someone who I cannot stop listening to at the miniute. I only found her a few weeks ago after seeing her on the Jools Holland show. She is out of this world. She has so much attitude and swagger, I want to be her! Her voice has so much soul and she deserves to be going places in my opinion. I am dying to get tickets to see her live.
She must be good if shes being hailed by Justin Timberlake as "the best singer in the world right now." Hes a massive mover and shaker in the music business. She had been a songwriter for the past four years before she went into releasing her own material. She won the Critics Choice award this year at the BRITs.
This was orginally written for Rihanna but she decided to release it herself. I can totally see Rihanna singing a song like this. This is the explicit version, just thought id warn you in case you got offended :)

All images from Google and the video is from Youtube.


Vampire Love

Now I know vampire are not really anything to do with fashion unless you have a thing for fangs. I was planning on doing an outfit post but after walking home from work I really cannot be bothered to get out of my tracksuit and am quite happy with looking like Waynetta Slob. I am bloody freezing!
Since handing my coursework in, I have been obssessed with True Blood. I had been after another vampire style thing to get into after being sucked into Twilight. My friend lent me the first series and since watching them during the week I have become hooked. I need to own the books.
They are extremely sexy, so sexy in fact I felt like I was intruding and had to look away. I felt my inner prude coming out. I must admit sometimes Snookie grates on me a little but I can overlook that. I have only watched the first four eposides but already now its a television show that I will be making sure I own on DVD. I feel like im going to have a massive crush on Bill Crompton. Edward Cullen who?
Anyone else watch it?
The snow is insane here, we didnt really have any when it first hit the country but boy are we making up for it now! Its at least 4 inches and it suppose to continue snowing until 9pm so it will be extremely fun trying to get into work tomorrow morning!

All images from various sources on google


Now I love Velvet, I bust out the velvet dress every christmas. Once Ive got it on I know that Christmas is only round the corner. However not very many people share my love for velvet and I cannot for the life of me understand.
Especially where there are velvet beauties like this:
I think I might have let out an internal squeal when I saw this in Look magazine. How beautiful is that statement shoulder? It goes perfectly with her hair and the pale skin really sets it off. It just screams Christmas party at me! I think its the best dress i've ever seen Nicola Roberts wear and she always looks stunning. I have no idea where it is from, any ideas? I need to know if it is within my budget!

Image taken from the Daily Mail website.

Here are a few velvet beauties that really are prefection.
TBA - £105. (In the sale believe it or not!)
French Connection - £95
Asos - £12 (Im in love with crushed velvet!)
Asos - £6 (Id feel like Lady Gaga!)

I've handed all my work in now so I can now relax until the New Year and look forward to my work experience at Nuts! Magazine at the end of next month. Im rather excited about that. Ill be working right next to the Tate and will be able to go to Borough Market in my lunch hour so life will be good!

You stood out like a sore thumb

Quick outfit post, this is what I wore to Uni today. I could not be bothered to do my face so I wore my glasses. Still not keen on having my picture taking whilst in glasses. Please excuse the extremely cluttered room, I realise this makes me look like a slob ha which would of course be true but shhhhhh.

Cardigan: Next
Top: Topshop
Skirt: Primark
Tights: Primark
Watch: Next
Brogues: Primark

I am feeling extremely smug today. I have completely all my uni coursework, bar the contents page and one research website because my printer at home is rubbish, and the deadline is not even until tomorrow. This time last year I was still frantically doing work at 4.55 so I have learnt my lesson. I cannot wait till stroll into uni at my leisure and hand in my work. All I have to worry about is making myself look beautiful for that evening as we are all going out to celebrate. Im dreading work the next day, ive got to get up at silly o'clock while extremely hungover and get a hour long bus journey into work. I could of course be sensible and not drink but really where's the fun in that?

I am now going to paint my nails pretty colours and snuggle under a throw to finally watch the first series of True Blood (I've borrowed the copy of my friend in the summer!) and wait for the boy to come round.

Music Monday - Well there's only so much drama I can stand

We are Scientists
These are another my of my favourite bands. Although I always shamefully seem to forget about them. Im listening to Itunes doing coursework, all be over soon thankfully, and they came on shuffle. I got all excited and made sure I played their albums back to front. I listen to them non stop for a few weeks then my fickleness comes out and I move onto another band and they are forgotten about once again. The cycle continues.
Ive been to see them three times and they have been absolutely amazing. They have such a good banter on stage and its so funny to watch. I like a band to include the audience in the set, Brandon Flowers dissapointed me because he did not talk to the crowd. Its nice to feel involved with the band and feel like they actually want to be there. We are Scientists really know how to get a crowd going.
They really are worth a listen. "Nobody move, nobody get hurt" is my favourite and you can't help singing along loudly to it.

The fact that one of the band members is called Keith Murray always makes me chuckle. Can you get a less rock star name? Dont let the name fool you though he is hot! Very easy on the eye haha!

All images are from google.
Video is from youtube.

I'll be in the lobby drinking for two

I love the sleeves on this dress. The little frills are so cute!
I finally got a full outfit shot, I roped my boyfriend into it (not without him moaning though). This is what i wore when i went out for noodles with the jazzacise group. Ive been very bad though not really been for the last two weeks, im not one for venturing out in the cold!

Dress: Primark

Coat: Next

Black wedges: New looks

Bag: Gift

Tights: Primark

Cameo Earrings: Topshop

Nail Varnish: Rimmel

Lipstick: Rimmel

This is the first time ive tried red lipstick. I love red lipstick, it just provokes old hollywood glamour. I have a fetish for red nails and lips. I quite like it but I think I can find a better red. I might invest in a MAC lipstick. Im starting to prefer lipstick over gloss now. Anyone got a red lipstick that they reconmend?

This may be my new favourite dress. I spotted it the other whilst browsing Primark trying to waste time before work which is never a good idea. They only have two sizes and one was in my size so it must be fate. I snapped it up and stayed in that weekend haha! It is rather short and I could never go bare legged in it. But it has a pussy bow and polka dots so its a win win!

I also invested in some bumpits. I tried to make a mini beehive. It came out ok but I think I need to allow myself some more time. It was kinda rushed. I might try and prefect it once ive finish my coursework

Fashion Icon Friday

Camilla Belle
Camilla Belle is an American actress and frequently tops the best dress lists. Her most famous role to date was in Push, a Sci-fi thriller staring Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans. She isn't yet that well known as an actress.

I must admit i've yet to see any of her films and only know about her due to the sheer amount of magazines that I read. I spend a fortune. But she always look so lovely. Shes not groundbreaking in what she wears but she always seems to look classy, no matter how much leg she has on show. Ive not yet seen a photo where I didnt like her outfit. Her style seems to be quite girly and feminine which in my opinion is what being a girl is all about. I like to fluff myself up sometimes.This Jason Wu dress is amazing. I read somewhere that it was custom made especially for her to wear at the annual Met Ball. What I wouldn't give for someone to make me a dress as beautiful as this. A ticket to the Met wouldnt go amiss either! I love the way she blends into the red carpet yet stands out. The fact that its off the shoulder adds a little sexiness to it and stops it from being boring. I love everything about this look, the up do, clutch and earings just seem to look effortless.

All images from various sources on google.


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