The £13 Primark embroidery shirt everyone needs

Khaki floral embroidery shirt: Primark (similar)
Ripped hem skinny jeans: New Look (similar)
Grey tailored coat: New Look (similar)
Croc print black skater shoes: Vans via TK Maxx (similar)
Red canvas backpack: Fjallraven Kanken via Asos

Back to my weekend uniform! I can't quite believe it but the last few weeks I've swapped my handbag for this backpack that I usually just keep for when I travel. I've been suffering with sore shoulders and back so thought I'd try and distribute the weight a bit by using a backpack. Turns out I'm getting sensible in my old age! I'm now a convert, my shoulders feel so much better and I can carry so much more stuff. As I'm no longer having to carry a handbag and tote bag to work, I look less like a cart horse... It doesn't seem like much of a hardship when the backpack looks like this to be honest. One step closer to achieving the Scandi coolness...

This week again looks set to be a busy week. I've got a few events I want to attend, a few drinks with friends and a dinner out. No doubt I'll be moaning by Wednesday just how tired I am but what's the point in working in London if you're not going to embrace it eh? God job this weekend was a lazy one...


  1. Can't wait to raid Primark when I'm back in the summer! x

  2. Love that shirt! Primark's really upped their game recently and I find myself buying something every time I pop in.

    - Elodie x

  3. Loving this shirt! what a steal!! xx

    Robyn |


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