How to wear a pleated midi skirt

Black jersey roll neck: Topshop (similar)
Pink pleated midi skirt: H&M (similar)
Tailored grey coat: New Look (similar)
Black mid heel courts: Primark (similar)

I'm so pleased to be dipping into my spring/summer wardrobe again! I feel like I dress so much better in the warmer weather. All midi skirts and dresses galore. It's so much easier to throw something on and look presentable. I love jeans but I struggle to pull of the effortless LA chic and look more like lazy Essex girl who woke up too later and had to get ready in a rush. This hot pink pleated midi skirt was a bargain many moons ago from H&M for about £8, it comes out year after year and never gets old! It reminds me that I need to add a few more pleated skirts to my wardrobe... Paired with a simple roll neck tee and a tailored coat, the whole outfit looks smart and presentable when you haven't really made that much effort at all.

I'm on countdown to the Easter weekend - gotta love those four day weeks. I'm going out for a few drinks for  tonight for Kim's birthday and have a date with Gemma to see Don Juan in Soho tomorrow. The rest of the weekend will be spent watching my boyfriend showing off his handiwork in the house and getting in his way, providing bacon rolls from Dorringtons. Renovating a house isn't my strong point - I'm much better when there's plaster on the walls as seeing just a shell sends my blood pressure through the roof...


  1. Great colour. I'm all about the pink at the moment.

  2. Beautiful outfit! The lips match the skirt well!


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