April 2017: a life update

So nearly at the end of yet another month. Gosh this year is just zooming past isn't it? I quite enjoyed the chatty update of my March post so thought I'd carry on. It feels a bit like how blogging used to be when I first fell in love with it.

It's been nearly a month since we got the keys to our house and it looks like a tornado has swirled though it. We discovered that everything looked a little make-do and nothing has really been completed of that a high standard so we had a lot more work to do than we originally though. So off we went ripping the house apart! We took down a stud wall, blocked and unblocked a couple of doors, ripped up the floors and stripped the wallpaper of the rooms. We're concentrating on the living and dining room at the minute to get it into shape and leaving the rest of the house to fend for itself! It's slowly getting there with a plumber and electrician coming today to do some bits before a plasterer in three weeks. I lol at that girl who thought back in October when her offer was accepted that she could give it a lick of paint and move straight in...

I'm also on countdown to my trip the French Rivera next month. Hannah, Sarah, Michelle and I are off to Elodie's neck of the woods for a weekend away. We'll be spending a day in Marseille before heading down to her coastal town for a couple of days of relaxing on a beach, drinking too much rose and going into a cheese coma. Who knew those strangers behind a computer screen could be so much fun?

Politics seems to have got itself all in a tizzy again following the announcement of a general election on June 8. The time when I start deleted people of Facebook because they don't agree with my views. This loony, raging leftie is only half-joking... Seriously though, this election is so incredibly important and perhaps the most important election I will have voted in. Please register to vote before May 22. Brexit is something that will change the history of our country and it needs to be approached in the right way with a level head. It will not only affect us but generations to come. We need a strong government to guide us through these rocky waters. I'm not here to tell you who to vote for as I believe everyone should do their research and vote for who they believe is the right person. But please do your research and really look into what each party represents. I know for me, one of the most things I'm most passionate about is safeguarding the NHS. My mum  and friends work for the NHS and I have family members who simply wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for that health service. It's such a precious thing and we are so lucky to have it. It's not perfect by any means but it deserves to given the chance to grow and flourish. Another thing on my list is education. I'm a firm believer in the fact that everyone should be given the right to the same level of education regardless of their background. The wealthy shouldn't have more privilege simply because of circumstance. My best friend is a state school primary teacher and I hear about the daily struggles she goes through to help her children achieve their potential. It's so, so hard without the resources that she desperately needs. She really is an angel. Four million children live in poverty which is astonishing for a country such as the UK. This really isn't good enough.

So, make sure you tick a box on June 8!


  1. We also ripped our house apart when we got it, luckily enough we didn't live there at the same time. But 7 months of owning a house and not living there took it's toll.

    I'd love to see before's, during's and after's of your renovations!!

    Have an amazing time away too xx

  2. I can't wait to show you around my home turf. I'll have the rosé chilling in the fridge for you when you get here!

    - Elodie x



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