Restaurant review: Chick N Sours, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, Central London

Chick n Sours has been on my to-visit list for ages but like so many restaurants in London, I just had't made it round to visiting. They're popping up quicker than I can visit! But Elodie came over to London for a visit so it seemed like a great excuse to get all the girls together for a feast of chicken, laughter and gossiping. I left wondering why on earth I had left it so long to visit...

We entered to dark mood lighting - a blogger's nightmare-  and banging indie tunes, immediately putting us in a good mood. After consulting Hannah for advice as she had been before, we ordered an insane amount of food to keep us busy for the next two hours. Sadly I didn't try any of the cocktails as I'm on a budget but they're definitely on my list for next time!

Keen for all the chicken, we ordered hot crispy chicken wings covered in an addictive sweet sauce, straight up chicken tenders tossed in seaweed crack and spicy Szechuan aubergine sprinkled in sesame seeds for the token veggie dish. The chicken was succulent, the coating was deliciously crisp and the flavours were punchy. They all provided a great introduction to the menu.

As soon as I saw the K-Pop burger on the menu I was sold. Sandwiched in between a toasted brioche bun, the tender Korean chicken thigh was coasted in gochujang majo and chilli vinegar. The finishing touch was lashings of fresh Asian slaw and lettuce. It was an absolute beauty of a beast. The other dishes on the table included house fry served with unusual pickled watermelon and seaweed crack, and the guest fry coasted in a sweet and sour sour sauce with a soy pepper and pineapple garnish. A few bowls of fries and a selection of inventive dips completed the meal.

We all left nursing very full bellies and sore jaws from laughing too much. Chick n Sours was absolutely delicious and I really can't wait to go back again. The food was superb and it arrived nice and quick, leaving us with plenty of time to gossip during our two hour time slot. Make sure you book in advance and come feeling hungry. You will want to order EVERYTHING!


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