Review: Duck and Waffle, Bishopsgate, London

Back in January I booked my boyfriend and I a table for brunch at Duck and Waffle for our anniversary. It felt like it had been on our list of restaurants to try forever so celebrating nine year together seemed like the perfect excuse. Not that we often need one to eat out...

Located on the 40th floor of the imposing Heron Tower, Duck and Waffle is famous for it's incredible views over the Big Smoke. It's also famous for it's signature dish which is of course what I opted for.

Starting the breakfast off with a spicy Bloody Mary and a refreshing mimosa, we finally settled on a full English breakfast for my boyfriend and the signature dish for myself - with a side of BBQ spiced pigs ears to share. So how did the food perform?

Incredible! The crispy duck leg confit was perfectly crisp, tender and juicy. No mean feat! It providing a great contrast to the mustard maple syrup and the sweet fluffy waffle - sweet and savoury at its finest. Topped with a fried duck egg, I not surprised this dish is so popular.

The house special got a massive thumbs up from my boyfriend - a man who believes a Full English is a food group. I can confirm those hash browns were a game changer and I may have nicked a bit of his cumberland sausage - ooooh saucy! I loved the fact the portions were decent. Expensive restaurant sometimes tend to be a bit under-generous and you can leave feeling you need a macdonalds on the way home. Those pig ears were a revelation and something I'm desperate to recreate. Incredibly addictive and tangy, they were like a skinnier and better version of the humble pork scratching.

Despite being suitably full and after having a discussion about how we needed to stop eating out so much to save money, we obviously opted for dessert when the waiter came over!

Dried fruit, crunchy granola and Greek yogurt was my boyfriend healthier option whereas I opted for the selection of homemade biscuits to fill my dessert belly. The homemade ginger nut had the ideal mouth of crunch and a suitable kick - exactly how I like it. The biscuits finished off what was probably the best brunch of my life.

It certainly wasn't cheap - costing £85 for a two course breakfast with a cocktail each - but the service is impeccable, the food is delicious and the view is out of this world. There's something about looking over London that makes me feel a little emotional. I feel so darn lucky to work and play in such a fantastic city.


  1. Sounds great, thank you for the sharing

  2. The food looks perfect. I've been wanting to go for ages and tried to book a table last time I was in London but I'd left it far too late so missed out, I'll be more organised next time!

  3. I'm desperate to go - fingers crossed I'll make it this year! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  4. I LOVE this place, the first time I went I didn't actually have the duck and waffle which was a huge mistake because when I ordered it the second time it was SO delicious. And I didn't even think I liked duck!

    Fran Leanne x

  5. Loved Duck & Waffle when I went with the fam - even if I did overlook how pork-based the menu is! The cookbook is amazing too! X

  6. Aww I got married at Duck and Waffle, the duck dish was a crowd favourite. The setting makes it so perfect for a special occasion


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