Travel plans for 2016

The last few years have seen me visit as many countries as I possibly can. It's all that seems to enter my mind and I'm constantly daydreaming about my next adventure. 2016 is all done and dusted where travel plans are concerned. This year I really do need to knuckle down and save so I won't be venturing outside Europe. But I couldn't be happier.

So, where am I going?

The Cotswolds
So this trip may have been and gone but I couldn't not include it. You've probably seen the influx of pictures on Instagram! I'll do a more in-depth view in a week or so. Along with my favourite internet friends, we trudged off to The Cotswolds to stay in the most beautiful house for Sarah's birthday.

Image taken from Bow Dream Nation

March sees me jet off to Germany for the second time. We spontaneously booked flights for a mere £20 and are staying in a lovely central hotel next to the river. This German city was never really on my radar but when I spotted the cheap as chips flights I couldn't resist. I completely fell in love with Germany when I visited Berlin so have high hopes for the country's fourth-largest city. We don't really have many plans apart from seeking out the cathedral, stuffing ourselves with schnitzels and wandering around the city aimlessly.

Image taken from ElevatorMusik

I had booked this as a surprise for my boyfriend's birthday but got far too excited at my good deed that I spilled the beans. Just as well because I've heard it's expensive so he needs to start saving up! Scandinavia was never really on my list but it tops my boyfriend's bucket list so I was obviously the dutiful girlfriend. However, now I've absolutely dying to visit. I've been doing some research and realised the city is all about the FOOD. My kind of place. I'm expecting to come back four stone heavier.

Image taken from Lily Lipstick

Just a three weeks later and Prague is on the agenda. The first stop in a two week Eastern European adventure in August. Here I'll be spending three nights in the Czech Republic capital. Prague was the first holiday my boyfriend and I ever looked at and nine years later we're finally making it there. Took our time eh?! I've heard such amazing things about the city and can't wait to explore. I'm a sucker for a cute little old town oozing with history.

Image from Julian Weyer via Flickr via Pinterest 

Next we'll be getting the train to Vienna for two nights. Oh Vienna! I definitely won't be singing that every hour... I've heard that this city really is quite beautiful and am looking forward to soaking up the historical culture. As a classically trained musician - I have many talents *ahem* - I'm looking forward to having a sneak peak into the musical history. Let's forget I haven't picked up my clarinet in about 6 years... I can still appreciate Mozart!

Image taken from The Blond Zebras

After Vienna we hope onto a boat and sail across the Danube river to the Slovakian capital. This small city was only really put in the itinerary because it's cheap and it breaks up the journey to Hungary. But I'm going to enjoy the two nights we have planned! I can't wait to explore and try some traditional Slovak food.

Image taken from Fat Frocks
Finally the place I'm looking forward to the most. The Hungarian capital Budapest. This city has been on my travel wishlist for a good few years and I'm finally able to go. We have four nights in this city and I'm giddy with excitement. I want to relax in the famous baths, go on a bar crawl among the ruin pubs, visit the dictators in the park, walk across the dividing bridge and get lost in the old town. I really hope it doesn't disappoint!


  1. These plans sound awesome - there are so many places in Europe that I have yet to visit, Vienna is high on my list! X

  2. I stayed in a cottage in The Cotswolds last year and it was such a great trip! Looking forward to your upcoming post on it :)

    Vienna is beautiful- theres a glasshouse/butterfly/tropical rainforest thing that I highly recommend! Oh and the flea markets too. I'm going somewhere in March/April just haven't made my mind up where yet.

    Are these all trips with other people? I'm looking into going away on my own somewhere as a way of challenging myself, it does seem a bit daunting tho.


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  4. Ohh you got some real gems on here! I looooved Copenhagen last year, it is a gorgeous city!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. Great list places - I am so keen to go to Copenhagen, also because I heard the food is amazing! I've been to both Budapest and Vienna and loved them - really different but both are stunning! Enjoy!


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