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I've decided to start a monthly series featuring what I've been doing. The weeks are going past so fast that I just don't have time to blog about everything individually. Just how is it nearly March already? But I've had fun so I feel my shenanigans don't deserve to go undocumented. Here is what I managed to do in February - it seems I spent a lot of time in Brixton!

Strada, London Bridge
At the end of January - it's nearly February! - I was invited to an evening with Strada at London Bridge. They were celebrating the end of Dry January and showcasing their selection of non-alcoholic drinks. And lots and lots of delicious nibbles. I was very impressed! I didn't even know there was such a wide selection at the restaurant and drinking them make me realise that you really don't miss out when you opt out of wine. I'll definitely be looking out for the sparkling non-alcoholic prosecco next time I'm there!

Bloc Party, o2 Academy, Brixton
Bloc Party are my favourite band in the world. 11 years this 50 Cent and Sean Paul loving, Von Dutch hat wearing girl stumbled across Silent Alarm - stolen from her brother - at my friends house. We put it on and it changed my life. This fast and furious band with fierce political lyrics and cracking riffs just spoke to me. Even now Helicopter still gives me all the feels as it did when I was 16. Silent Alarm is my all time favourite album - nothing beats it for me. As always the band were a pleasure to watch. This now skinny jean wearer, guitar loving, converse wearing and indie girl owes them a lot.

Fish, Wings and Tings, Brixton
This Caribbean restaurant in Brixton Market has been on my to-try list for a very long time. Afro-Caribbean food is by far my favourite cuisine so I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to try this place. We had a spare hour of so before a gig so decided to finally tick it off the list. I opted for incredible codfish fritters with a milky sauce - so soft and addictive - with curried goat for my main course. Served with homemade slaw and a pineapple chutney-type sauce, it was pure comfort food. I'm desperate to go back and order that jerk chicken - just look at that sauce!

The Lion King, West End
My sister-in-law got extra brownies points this year when she took me to see The Lion King for my birthday. Can you believe it's been at the west End for 17 years?! Crazy. It. Was. Incredible. Emotional, entertaining and awe-inspiring. Within minutes I'd completely forgot I was watching actor in costumes and was transfixed. It felt like I was watching real animals in Africa. I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Bukowski, Brixton
With our first choice for dinner fully booked, we picked this burger joint on a whim. While it's not the best burger I've ever had, it was a good shout. The puck nuggets were the best thing about the meal - I could have eaten them until I went pop. Deep fried duck and pork nuggets smothered in Korean spices with a spicy Kimchi dip. Yeah like I said, I could have eaten them forever. Keeping in with my recent avocado obsession, I pumped for The Californian. A juicy beef patty was piled high with crunchy lettuce, spicy chipotle mayo, Monterey Jack cheese, crispy bacon, a tomato, red onion and creamy avocado. Just as good as it sounds! The avocado was a revelation in a burger and something I'm keen to repeat soon!

Hozier, o2 Academy, Brixton
On the same night as Bukowski, we had a date at the Academy to see Hozier. Take Me To Church was one of my favourite songs of last year. The Irish star has such a haunting, soulful voice that sounds absolutely beautiful live. It was such a chilled out, enjoyable gig and I'd definitely be booking up tickets again next time he tours.


  1. what a fab month!! The Lion King is such a great show <3 and all that food looks amazing xx


  2. I haven't been to Brixton Academy for years! So many memories of gigs there as a teen! x

  3. I live in Brixton. Glad to see so many Academy gigs on your list, my husband actually busks after the shows by the station, maybe you saw him!


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