Why we shouldn't strive for perfection

We want it all eh? The amazing career, the stamps on our passport, the incredible social life, the big friendship group and the enviable relationship. And we're often told that we can have it all. But the reality is totally different. No one has it all. No one has perfection. And it's ok. We shouldn't strive for it anyway. Perfection is overrated.

Perfection sounds great on paper but in reality it can be a downward spiral. It can be exhausting trying to constantly reach the peak and once you're there? You constantly looking for something else because it's never enough. Because true perfection doesn't exist. It can't ever be achieved. It can damage your mental health searching for something that doesn't exist. It stops you from living in the moment. Life is so precious that it shouldn't be wasted worrying about what you don't have. Concentrate on what you do have.

It's natural to constantly compare yourself to others. They have nicer hair, a attentive boyfriend or a better job but I can guarantee that they don't believe that. You always want what you don't have. 

It's ok to be content. It's ok to do things to the best of your ability. To plod along at your own pace. And it doesn't matter if it doesn't live up to anyone else's standards. It's also ok to be happy with this. It doesn't mean you don't have any ambition or that you're settling. Being content with your lot is a wonderful thing. It's amazing how much happier you become. Concentrate on what makes you happy. As long as you do things your own way, then that is perfection.


  1. Well said, it's so easy to think that someone else has it better. I am such a perfectionist but learning more and more that it's not always an easy road in the real adult world! x

  2. This is just wonderful <3 There's a HUGE pressure to 'have it all' when you're in your twenties. There are bits of my life I'm happy with, bits that need improving, but I'm really enjoying the journey towards getting there!

  3. Lovely post Sophie, truly well written and with great purpose. xx


  4. It's certainly natural to compare yourself but it's unnatural to live your life hoping to step into someone else's shadow. Perfection isn't real. :]

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  5. This is true! Too many people are wasting away time by saying 'I can't wait till summer' or 'I can't wait till I move out next year'! Obviously it's great to have goals but we need to remember to live the moment we are in now! xx

  6. Thanks for writing this post, Sophie - it's just what I needed to hear, especially in terms of blogging! I sometimes lose sight of why I blog (i.e. for me!) and it makes me feel discourged/disillusioned. This gave me some perspective.


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