Review: Le Bun at The Zetter Hotel, Clerkenwell, London

Founded by bright sparks Andy Taylor and Tim Talbolt, Le Bun is a fusion of French and American food. They're usually based in a food truck but until 20th December they have a residence at The Zetter hotel, Clerkenwell.

The burger queen Hannah of course knew all about the pop up so when I suggested a lunch date, this was her first suggestion. We also talked Lily into popping along too - not that anyone needs much persuasion to go out for a lovely lunch!

After much deliberation Hannah and I decided to opt for the Le Truffle Cheeseburger. Rich aged beef brisket and chuck patty was smothered in a layer of American cheese and truffle mayo before being topped with crunchy lettuce leaves in a toasted brioche bun. It was simple yet effective. Sometimes you really don't need to make a burger all singing and all dancing. The bun held the juices together perfectly and the lettuce gave it a satisfying crunch. My one gripe was it wasn't really served medium rare and would have been better a bit pinker in the middle.

Lily went for the Le Cherve vegetarian option. A giant slab of blowtorched goats cheese was placed on top of tangy pickles and juicy confit tomatoes. Good enough to turn this loyal meat eater green with envy!

The fries were nothing to write home about. They went down a treat but didn't stand out. A tad anaemic looking but the truffle mayo was their saving grace. I could have scoffed pots and pots of that stuff!

The Zetter hotel as a venue was very cool - admittedly this is the first time it's ever came on my radar. It felt very retro and I loved the interiors. I've heard that they have a cracking bar with some lethal cocktails so I'll probably be back to sample those!

Have you sampled Le Bun yet?


  1. The Zetter hotel sounds amazing - I'd love to see some more of its cool interiors. And that burger looks juicy as!

    Saskia /

  2. This looks delicious although I am FAR too hungry to be reading this now haha!

    Maria xxx


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