10 things I'll be doing Christmas Day

Christmas is nearly upon us. I've got my presents wrapped, Lindt Chocolate Lovers bag to munch on* and the Christmas playlist on Spotify is getting all the love. Everyone has their own traditions and customs that make their Christmas so special. These are the things that happen every year without fail.

1. Spending Christmas eve in the local Wetherspoons with old Sixth Form friends. Christmas was always that time of year that everyone came home no matter where they were in the country. Now eight years on that's still the same. I have friends settled all over the country and this is always an drunken catch up.

2. Rushing downstairs in my dressing gown and pyjamas despite the almighty hangover to hand out all the presents from under the tree. It's always been my job to make sure everyone gets the right ones and every year there's always one present that's been forgotten at the back.

3. Drinking bucks fizz at 9am because it's Christmas. Obviously.

4.  Watching endless films and reliving my childhood with After Eights in one hand and Celebrations in the other.

5. Sitting in front of the telly watching the Queen's speech with a tub of Quality Street because we clearly haven't enough food.

6. Declaring you can't eat for days yet jumping out of your seat when someone suggests cheese. It's always about the cheese. Mostly endless slabs of wensleydale and cranberry.

7. Instantly regretting my outfit choice because a pretty dress just doesn't have the stamina to deal with a whole day of gorging.

8. Listening to my dad snore as I lay on the sofa religiously browsing the internet trying to find some bargains and buy clothes that I really don't need.

9.  Sulking because I've had to share the sausage meat with the rest of the table. Don't they know it's my favourite thing in the world?

10. Getting too drunk on bubbles and feeling so thankful with my family. Then arguing with my nan. Well it can't all be happy families on the big day eh?


  1. We usually go to spoons on Xmas Eve with friends, we won't get a chance this year. But I'll be entertaining people for the first time on Xmas Eve in my own home so that'll be different! Definitely agree with Bucks Fizz on Xmas morning. This year we'll be driving to my OH's parents house in the morning but I'm sure we'll still get some Buck Fizz when we get there :)

  2. Lovely post! Your Christmas sounds similar to mine, except I'll be at o'neils not spoons and I'm hoping for some of my dad's sloe gin on Christmas morning.
    Have a lovely Christmas :)

  3. Cheese. There's always time for cheese.
    I love that you argue with your nan - does she tell you off for that time you had your accident on holiday ;-) Have a super Christmas Sophwee! xx


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