Cath Kidston S/S '16 preview

Spring/Summer in December? What a rebel I am! A good few weeks ago now I popped along to the Cath Kidston press preview. Boy are we in for a treat when it hits the stores next year! As always the new collection was full of stunning florals, pretty homeware, gorgeous pastels and quirky crockery. I didn't expect anything less.

Apart from wanting to get my hands on every single baking related product - I've been warned to take control of my addiction by the boyfriend - what really stood out for me were the things against the norm. Cath Kinston is, of course, famous for it's florals, none more so than on it's handbags. I personally prefer a block colour in a bag to help keep it neutral. So I was very happy to see the plain cross body bags on display above. I may have to treat myself to one. Just one.

Are you a fan of Cath Kidston? Anything in particular you want to snap up?


  1. Oooooh my best friend works for CK but she obviously can't sneak out the secret look book :P so I've been dying to know what spring's going to be like ^_^ Exciting!
    I'm loving the blue and white prints :D

    Sarah xxo |


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