3 simple ways to eat your morning porridge

Now that the days are cold and dark, a bowl of cereal in the morning just isn't going to cut it. I personally need something a bit more substantial and warm to heat up my chilly bones. Enter the humble porridge. Alpro got in touch and sent me over a little care package* including their oat original drink. Rich in fibre and low in fat, the milk substitute has no added sugar and is naturally lactose free. With this healthy alternative, here are three simple toppings that help to jazz up my porridge in the morning.

1. Blackcurrant jam and juicy blackberries

Nothing quite like a big dollop of jam in the middle of your porridge to sweeten it up. That sweet tooth still needs to be fed at breakfast! I'm loving blackcurrant jam for a change. It doesn't taste as sugary as strawberry or raspberry. Pop in some fresh fruit help you get one of your five a day.

2. Apple and cinnamon

This combination just screams the festive season to me. I'm a cinnamon monster this year and put it on everything. Apples and cinnamon are one pairing that just get each other. They go fantastic together.

3. Chopped nuts and bananas

This may be my favourite one of the bunch. The chopped nuts add great texture with the stodgy oats. Bananas? Maybe the best breakfast fruit out there right. I could eat a good couple of bowls of this before work if I had time. And a big enough stomach.

What is your favourite porridge topping?

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  1. They all look yummy! I love to mash half a banana in my porridge - makes it fluffier and sweetens it too. As for topping, I love a little bit of agave and almonds or chopped fruits.

    - Elodie x


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