Why we need to help the Syrian refugees

Earlier this week I went for a run. Only a two mile run but still a run. As I ran through my local park, under the under paths and stopped to catch my breath, I suddenly thought that I was running for fun. A quite twisted type of fun. But still I was going out for a run because I wanted too. There are women that have to run to avoid being raped. Women who have to run because they need to get their child urgent medical attention. Families who are running to get out of a building before a bomb blows it to pieces. Families who are running to ensure their children stay children away from violence and gun fire. Children who are running to avoid being picked up as child soldiers. They are running because their life depends on it.

The Syrian refugee crisis is something that is causing a lot of strong opinions. In fact, my mum actually banned the subject at a family BBQ because she didn't want a family occasion to be fuelled with lots of shouting. I've seen a lot of posts on Facebook regarding the situation with many people shockingly posting images from the EDL. I've heard lots about how we need to sort out our own country first. Worried about the state of the NHS? Look at who you voted for. The Tory government is all about privatising the NHS. Those bad boys are the ones who are cutting budgets and putting a strain on our healthcare. Annoyed about the lack of houses? Blame Maggie Thatcher for selling off all the council houses. That's why we don't have any as people bettered themselves and invested in property. You go to the north of the country and there are rows and rows of derelict houses begging to have money pumped in to make the liveable. Something the government doesn't seem to be interested in. Scared that they're going to take all our jobs? There's a high unemployment rate in the whole world. Not just the UK. Plus I honestly believe there's enough jobs, just not enough jobs at proud people will do. Worried about the homeless? When was the last time you dug in your pocket and donated money to help then? Or went out onto the streets with hot food to hand out? Think they should stay and fight their own battles? They can't. Just like the Jewish people were powerless to stop Hitler in his tracks.

These people are not immigrants. They are refugees. There's a massive difference. They are not choosing to leave their country in hope for a better life. They are leaving their country because there is a high percentage that they will die if they stay. After the war is over, refugees are required to return to their home country. Would they really be risking their lives if there was a better option on offer? Are you telling me you would stay put? I would crawl to a safe haven if I had too.

I can't help but think if these were white, Christian refugees, the public might be a bit more forthcoming. Not every person from the Middle East is a fully fledged member of ISIS. Just like not every person from Northern Ireland is part of the IRA. Just like not every person from Israel wants to wipe out Palestine. Amongst the refugees there will be ordinary doctors, teachers and engineers desperate to escape a war-torn country.

Young people are impressionable. If we show them hatred, disgust and disrespect, who's to say they won't be swayed by someone else. That someone else could be ISIS. It's incredible the lengths a human being would go to keep their family safe. How they would make a deal with the devil. I know I would. There's only so much anger one person can take before they flip and inflict their rage on that person. That person could be the western society. We could be giving the tools to ISIS to help them with their brainwashing campaign.

The United Kingdom needs to step up and offer these poor souls a place of refuge. Why? Simply because it's the decent thing to do. No one should be forced to live a life in a warzone because of their circumstances. I was lucky to be born into a civilised democratic society. In a country that is the fourth richest in the world. A country where I am free to walk along outside as a woman. A country where I can travel on my own to soak up other cultures. A country where I can become anyone or anything that I want to be. That's all it is, just luck.

In times of need the world needs to stick together and help each other. It's about being a human being. Show some compassion. Put yourself in their shoes. Let's show the world just how great Great Britain is and lead by example.


  1. Completely agree with you. Don't know how so many people can inhuman.


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