Review: J-Dog, Shoreditch

When an email popped into my inbox from J-Dog inviting me to lunch, I was intriuged. Based at Pump street market - a cool old petrol station in shoreditch - the Asian-infused hot dog company are offering something unique to the market. In fact, they're the only ones offering Japanese dogs on the market. Pretty cool huh?

First up to try was the Kimchi J-Dog. A premium Japanese Kurobuta pork sausage was piled high with crispy seaweed, thick tangy Teriyaki sauce and spicy Kimchi. Delicious! The flavours went absolutely perfect together. The juicy sausage was the star of the hotdog.

Then we tried the Okonomi J-Dog. Once again I opted for the Kurobuta sausage. There was just something about the intense flavouring and tender meat. So unlike any other pork sausage I'd had before. This time it was topped with dried bonito flakes - fermented tuna -, okonomi sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. The Bonito flakes were definately an acquired taste!

The stall has recently started introducing seafood to the mix too. With a mixture of spring rolls, crispy calamari and juicy tempura prawns. Usually I find fried seafood a little hit and miss. The grease can be overpowering and ruin the fish. But this was amazing. The batter was lovely and thin and made sure the seafood was the star of the show. It sounds simple but it's very hard to master given the amount of terrible versions I've eaten.

The street market is open from 11am-11pm so it's a great place to stop on the way home after the pub to the station. If you like your food with a kick, you can't go wrong with the Kimchi special. You won't regret a visit!


  1. OMG! Sophie, this looks lovely, I need to try it out. Your food reviews literally make me dribble all the time. xx



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