Old El Paso Restaurante Range

I'm a sucker for Mexican food so when an invite popped in my inbox asking me to come along and try my hand at cooking the new Old El Paso Restaurante range, I bit their hand off. Pun intended. Especially when they mentioned we would be treated to a taco lesson by Pussycat Doll Kimberley Wyatt! Pretty snazzy eh?!

In order to offer you a true authentic experience, the Old El Paso Restaurante team actually travelled around Mexico and sought out the ingredients themselves. They wanted to see what secrets the locals had to make the food taste so delicious. Each taco kit is a speciality from across the country. You'll find Baja Fish Soft Tacos - my personal favourite -, Chicken Tinga, Pork El Pastor and Steak Carne Asada. I tried them all and they're all as mouth-watering as they sound!

We were very kindly given an incredible goodie bag which had all four taco kits for us to try at home. So far I've only been able to rustle up the tasty chicken tacos - the steak ones are for dinner tomorrow! I can confirm the bad boys are so simple to make - you don't all need a Pussycat Doll to help give you some guidance. We scoffed these between the three of us and there was more than plenty to go around. In fact we could have invited a fourth person but we didn't. Because we're greedy.


  1. I love Mexican food, full of flavour and so, so tasty. xx


  2. that looks great fun! i'm ashamed to admit that frozen peppers are my go to for quick fajitas! xx


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