Review: The Power Of Poison Exhibition, London

Today I was very kindly invited to have a wander around The Power Of Poison exhibition in Brick Lane, East London. Based in the Turman Brewery, the exhibition takes you on a journey about the wonders and dangers of poison and toxics. With live animals, it was fascinating to find out that many of them actually get their toxics from the plants they digest. I loved the myth busting section - did you know the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland gets it name because the mercury in the hat making caused the hatters to go a bit loopy?  I also didn't realise that Cleopatra had committed suicide!

The exhibition is great for all ages. We as young -ha! - 26 year found the information on display so interesting and we spotted some children too enjoying themselves chattering away while their parents were engrossed in the displays. It was a great place to lose a few hours and learn something new.

The exhibition is running until 6th September and tickets are priced at £9 for an adult. Make sure you book your tickets quick!


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