Review: Debenhams Flowers

Call it growing up but over the past year I've been really getting into treating myself to a bunch of fresh flowers. There's something about them that really brightens up my room. Nothing quite like waking up to something pretty in the morning to help you to crawl out of bed thanks to a special flower delivery.

I decided to go with the beautiful Sunflower Meadow bunch from Debenhams Flowers. Consisting of large sunflowers, beautiful lilies, pretty anteriorhinum and fresh green hypericum berries, it was such a lovely present to receive in the post. The great thing is that Debenhams offer next day flowers which is great if you forget someone's birthday and need a quick present idea! Or if you just decide you need a treat. We all need a treat sometimes!

If you fancy treating yourself to a bouquet, I've got a special 25% discount code you can use. Simply enter DFBLOG25 at the checkout. The only flowers that are exempt from the discount are the flowers by post range. Go on, splash out! Thanks for brightening up my day Debenhams Flowers!


  1. These are beautiful! I love Sunflowers!

    My Sentimental Heart


  2. I always buy fresh flowers each week for my home, love them <3 x

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