Review: Fifty9 Bar

Mid-week drinking always goes down well so I was very excited to take up the invitation of drinks and pizzettas at a new bar. Fifty9 has opened where Babble used to be in Mayfair. Located on Berkeley Square, it's a fantastic spot for people watching. You never know who you might spot!

We were given a glass of prosecco on arrival - my kinda place! - before being left to mingle. On a mid week night the bar was buzzing with a big group of people. The atmosphere was very city worker-like with a lot of men in suits. I loved the glass doors that opened out and you could peer onto the square. It would be amazing on a warm summers evening. It's a classy place but without being pretentious. I sometimes worry that Mayfair can be a bit too swanky but didn't feel out of place here. They have a cracking looking club downstairs for the weekend and I can imagine it'll be great fun for a birthday outing.

To help line our stomaches we were treated to delicious crispy gooey pizzettas, chunks of creamy cheese, doorstop crispy bread and slices of tasty meats. They were the perfect snacks to nibble on throughout the evening. Nothing too heavy but enough to take away the munchies. It's not often a place does good drinks AND food!

Do you venture to Mayfair much? Have you spotted Fifty9?

Square Meal


  1. This would be the perfect after-work alternative to the classic pub!

    - Elodie x

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