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A good few weeks ago now I was invited to try out the beers and food at Belgo, a Belgian themed restaurant in the heart of Soho. I have to be honest and admit I'd never heard of the small chain of just five restaurants but I'm a massive fan of Belgian cuisine. Namely moules and frites! How can anyone not like them?! Unfortauely my photos of the mussels didn't come out very well - darn mood lighting - but I do have some mouthwatering photos of the other food I kindly got to sample.

We were served a whole variety of yummy food throughout the night alongside different beers to help compliment the dinner. The restaurant impressively serves over 50 different craft beers so there's something for every taste. My favourite was the cherry beer Kriek which reminded me of my time in Bruges.

The highlight of the dishes we got to try was the incredible rotisserie chicken. It comes in six different flavours but we tried the sweet chilli, lime leaf, ginger and red pepper glaze. Oh my, I could have eaten the whole chicken. It has just the right amount of kick and the meat was very tender.

The restaurant also boasts fresh whole lobsters with a drool-worthy garlic butter, pea shoots, a bowl of homemade coleslaw and salty crispy chips. At just over £30, the dish isn't one of the cheapest you can get in the city but sometimes it's worth splashing out. I can confirm it's definitely worth splashing out for!

The un-pictured mussels were divine. Served in a kimchi Korean-style hot and spicy sauce with pak choi. I loved the unusual flavours - I'd only ever had them with garlic white wine sauce. I couldn't fault the dish at all. The mussels felt fresh and there wasn't an ounce of grit on them. Just needed some bread to mop up the juices!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I amazingly managed to get my face on a beer bottle along with my dinner partner for the evening Lauren. We bravely managed to scoff the waffle below despite being fit to burst. Sometimes you just have to take one for the team eh?

Have you ever visited Belgo before?

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  1. I didn't have such a favourable opinion of Belgo when I last visited - but actually, I think I could devour that lobster quite easily!

    Saskia /


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