Review: Scarlet's, Covent Garden

As soon as I spied an email in my inbox entailed 'Boozy Brunch', I immediately knew I was going to like what it had to say.

Situated on Upper St Martins Lane, Covent Garden this new joint has taken the space left by the old bar Verve. Scarlet’s markets itself as a venue for any time of day. You can visit for brunch like we did or for a bite to eat at lunchtime. If cocktails are more your thing, visit in the evening - I’d recommend the Rum Punch. They even pull the tables back and it become a mini dance floor for you to show off your moves. There’s something for everyone from dusk till dawn!

After being welcomed with delicious peach bellinis, we oohed and ahhed at the incredible shabby chic inspired decor. It was mix-matched at it's finest. Exactly how I would like my house to be! Sitting down, I got to try my very first Bloody Mary. I have to be honest and admit it wasn't really my thing but I gave it a good go! After a long hard look at the menu, I opted for the delicious sounding Eggs Hemingway. Toasted English muffins were topped with lashings of tasty smoked salmon, a soft, perfectly runny poached eggs and two generous drizzle of yummy Hollandaise sauce. Just what I need for breakfast on a Saturday morning!

I got major food envy when I spotted the cream avocado and toast making the rounds. Just look at it! I know what I’ll be having on my next trip. The Egg Florentine also had my belly rumbling! After all that food the alcoholic ice lollies came out. I opted for the amazing Greygoose Vodka and Perrier lolly by Late Night London - what a good choice that was! 

Thanks for such a great Saturday morning Scarlet's!


  1. My friend has just started working here! Can't wait to visit.

    Fran Leanne x

  2. The avocado toast looks incredible! As does everything else, but I can't help but feeling a bit sad to hear Verve is gone. So many good university memories in that (admittedly crappy) place!

    - Elodie x

  3. The avocado toast looks so good! Although I second Elodie's comment above - Verve is a (admittedly very crappy) student institution! x


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