A few favourites #4

It's that time again when I talk you through a few of my favourite things! It's been a while since my last set. A real mixture of clothing, beauty and food this time!

Ryan Gosling Mug*: What will cheer you up more than a mug with the handsome Ryan Gosling on it? Not much I don't think! For days where your brain doesn't function and all you can think about is being elsewhere, this mug sums everything up in one sentence. Sometimes the Goss and Chocolate can be the only way to tackle the day. Make sure you check out Tea Please for some more quirky mugs.

New Look Tropical print culottes: I am having a massive love affair with culottes at the moment - it's all I seem to be buying! These beauties were less than £18 and fit like a dream. They will be perfect for sight seeing while I'm in Barcelona and with just a pair of heels, they work for the evening too.

Rio Rio Topshop Lipstick: I'm always impressed by Toyshop's lipstick offering and this gorgeous red is no different. It's a fantastic orange toned red and I'd imagine it'd look brilliant with a tan. Definitely going in my Barcelona make up bag!  It tends to bleed so a lipliner is an essential.

Organic Gusto Cola*: At only 49 calories per can, this is the ideal low calorie treat. Anyone else feel slightly alarmed at the fact you can drink almost your whole daily calorie allowance thanks to some drinks?! Fairtrade and organic means it's practically guilt free. It's perfect in a glass with lots of ice and a slice of lemon.

Hubby for Dessert Essie Nail Polish: This is actually part of their bridal range but I thought it was perfect for the summer so snuck it into my suitcase when I went to Chicago earlier on in the year. It needs a good three coats to become opaque but it's well worth the hassle. It's such a gorgeous, subtle shade for the warmer months.

St Moriz Medium Fake Tan*: I used to be all about the fake tan but for the past few years I've kinda fallen out of love with it. But I had a Christening last weekend and my pasty pins were offending my eyes so I brought out the big guns. St Moriz. Now I know why I love it so much. The mousse is easy peasy to apply, dries almost instantly and gives a lovely golden colour without looking too orange. I think I'm going to be a slave to this fake tan until my holiday in August.

Bounce Energy Balls*: I'm the first to admit that I'm not a fitness addict - these wobbly thighs will agree with that. But I am trying to get into running. I completed a 5k back in May and have been keen to keep up the momentum. These tasty energy balls have been great to snack on after I get back home - I'm always so ravenous so they do the trick. My personal favourite is the Cacao Mint flavour.


  1. I am all about the New Look Tropical print culottes. They are so gorgeous. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. Those culottes are gorgeous and a total bargain! Will have to check them out :) x


  3. I love Bounce Balls - the almond one is so good too! x

  4. Love Bounce balls! I always pack a few when I know I'll be traveling for a long time!

    - Elodie x

  5. Haha love your Ryan mug - brilliant! xx


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