Top 3 brunch places in London

Recently I've become a massive fan of going out for brunch. Especially in London where the options seem to be endless. Below are three of my favourites so far - I'm still yet to try every place but believe me when I say I'm working on it!

1. Caravan, Kings Cross and Exmouth Market
Kings Cross has really had a makeover in recent years and it's full of little cool places to eat. None more so than Caravan in Granary Square. This industrial looking place is very trendy. The menu comes on a wooden clip board, the milk in mini milk bottles, the unisex loos which confused my dear old nan) and the canteen style tables. This only makes me love it! I had the baked eggs complete with smoked sausage and delicious crusty sourdough. The Greek yogurt proved to be the perfect partner to the tomato and pepper mixture underneath the fried egg. The portion was the perfect size and kept me full till lunch. I've also sampled the jalapeno cornbread which gets a massive thumbs up.

2. The Riding House Cafe, Fiztovia
Located just off Oxford Street behind Topshop, this brunch place is the perfect place to fuel up before a hard days shopping. That chorizo hashbrown pictured? I'm still dreaming about it! With a perfect runny poached egg on top, it was absolutely delicious. I've also gobbled down the avocado on toast which was equally tasty. I must give a shout out to the staff who are very attentive but also don't rush you. They let you take your sweet time having a catch up which is always a plus. So many places slam the bill on the table just as you've eaten your last mouthful. Once again I love the cool industrial vibe of the place and am a sucker for somewhere trendy.

3. The Breakfast Club, Hoxton, Spitalfields, Battersea and Soho
Blogger Cliché it may be but there's a reason why The Breakfast Club is all over your Bloglovin' feed. You'll be rewarded with huge portions and exploding taste buds when you order here - I've only been to the Hoxton branch. After much deliberation I opted for the breakfast burrito oozing with chunks of chorizo, scrambled egg, charred roasted peppers, juicy Portobello mushrooms, creamy guacamole, melted cheddar and a spicy pepper sauce. Heaven on a plate. You'll definitely get your money's worth here and there's something for everyone to munch on.

Any brunch places you'd like to recommend? I'm always on the lookout!


  1. Really want to try Caravan and Riding House cafe - they're both on my list. I love the Breakfast Club but having to queue is always such a pain. It's so popular!

    Chloe x

  2. I looove Caravan. Will have to try out the other two now... just to check... xx

  3. I love Caravan. Grain Store is amazing for brunch too and I love The Delaunay for a treat brunch! x

  4. Yum yum, I need to get to London and visit these places!

  5. all looks so yummy

    Vanessa xxx

  6. Gawd I miss London if only for the brunch destinations! Still need to try Caravan!

  7. mmmm these all look delicious! I love brunch x


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