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Snakeskin court shoes: Carvela via TK Maxx (similar)

TK Maxx kill it with their shoe collection every time. It's the first section I go into when I go in the shop. I spotted these gorgeous Carvela snake-effect heels while I was suppose to be doing Christmas shopping. Same old story. I've made a pact to only buy quality shoes as i'm fed up of them falling apart on my feet - Primark may seem a bargain at the time but it's not when you have to buy a new pair the next month. But I can't afford to splash out on expensive shoes that often which is hard when you're a dedicated shoe girl. So when these classic shoes caught my attention in the rack and they were Carvela - a brand I lust over - it was a no brainer. I loved the price of £35 even more. Bargain!

Here are some more gorgeous snakeskin style shoes below.


  1. Carvela shoes are just so lovely; one of my favourite brands because they just last and last - great find! We seem to get lovely shoes in our TK Maxx only if you're a size3 (which I'm not).

  2. Lovely shoes, they look great on you! Hope you had a nice New Year and Christmas. - Tasha xxx


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