Green with envy

Forest green jersey pleated midi dress: ASOS (similar)
Black faux leather quilted jacket: Zara (similar)
Dark green satin and glitter courts: c/o My Colour Studio

Feeling a little risqué in this dress with the knees peeking out when I walk - the woes of a midi skirt lover. This dress was an ASOS sale purchase back before Christmas and this is it's first outing without the tags. The sign of too many clothes eh? When I opted for these gorgeous shoes, I had this dress in mind when they asked what colour I'd like them to be dyed. Although marketed towards weddings and special occasions, these shoes work well in a more casual aspect too. It's such a genius idea to be able to pick an exact colour you'd like your shoes to be dyed. How many times have you bought a dress and then struggled for months to find some suitable shoes that match? You can also treat yourself to a handbag too.  Rainbow Club have really found a space in the market!


  1. Sophie you are the midi queen! Loving the shoes too, I'd never heard of this concept before - sort of like Dulux!


  2. Love this look so much hun. I definitely don't have enough emerald green in my wardrobe *scowls Asos for emerald green everything* ;)


  3. You look super gorgeous! That green is so lovely and one of my favourite shades of green to wear too. Such a flattering shade on everyone.

  4. Your dress is so gorgeous, I love how vintage looking it is!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. Ah you looks so lovely! And those shoes are freaking amazing. I wish I could wear heels more, they always look so polished. That totally should have been a new years resolution! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  6. Ah, what an ingenious idea! Although I wouldn't need to dye my shoes on my wedding day, I can imagine for brides choosing a different colour scheme this is a lifesafer. I love the outfit, that Zara jacket is a beauty! xx


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