Seeing spots

Burgundy and black polka dot wiggle dress: ASOS (Similar)
Faux suede block heel court shoes: F&F (similar)
Black oversize faux fur bag: Topshop
Quilted faux leather jacket: Zara (similar)
Ruby and Garnet rings: Vintage

This dress is an old faithful that I can't believe hasn't made an appearance on the old blog yet. It's my absolute favourite style of dress and I'd buy them all up from ASOS if I had the money. It's just so flattering and is the perfect dress to hide any food babies - just as well as I'm wearing this out to go for dinner at my friends birthday at Inamo tonight. I always feel a little bit sassy whenever I pop this beauty on which means it's pretty much the perfect dress right?!

Here are a few of my favourite wiggle dresses available on ASOS at the minute.


  1. Awesome dress, those colours are perfect :)

  2. Love that style of dress, so flattering look lovely! Going to browse asos now and treat myself to something similar!x

  3. This looks lovely on you! And you've accessorised it perfectly :) xx

  4. Love this dress - not sure how I have managed not to purchase an ASOS wiggle dress yet! x

  5. I love wiggle dresses, ASOS has some perfect ones and I always end up lusting after them. You look incredible xxx

    Alana Says…// and lifestyle blog

  6. LOVE the dress and it looks amazing on you.

  7. You look lovely! 'food baby' dresses are the best kind!

    Louise x

  8. This dress looks like it was made for you, gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  9. I love the colour, it looks good on you


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