Review: Vinopolis Wine Tasting

I love a good glass of wine so when an email popped up in my inbox asking if I fancied popping along to Vinopolis to sample their wine tasting, I jumped at the chance. It's located just round the corner from London Bridge and Borough Market - pop into the market beforehand to grab a bite to eat!

When we arrived we were informed that we were going to given a 15 minute introduction into wine tasting. The host was so enthusiastic and really knew his stuff. He taught us how we should swallow to get the best taste - well more like gurgling! You should hold it a 45 degree angle to inspect the wine. After a quick pep talk, we were let loose!

The card you see above is loaded with tokens which you pop in the machine - as demonstrated by moi - and press the button for a 25ml glass of wine. You can pick from white, red and rose but be sure to hold onto your glass as you only get one! The wines range between one to three tokens each. If you fancy a change from the wine, there's a few spirits on offer you can sample too. I loved the fact you could register your card in any of the machines and it sent you a email detailing all the wines you sampled - genius! If a particular one tickles your fancy, you can even purchase it which is a great memento to take home.

We spent a good few hours mooching around sampling at our leisure and reading all the information dotted around. I loved the fact it had a detailed description of every wine so you really knew what you were getting before you took the plunge. There were various members of staff dotted around in case you had any burning questions.

I think it's such a great idea for a group of friends or even for a unusual date night. We saw quite a few groups of girls which I take it were on hen parties. We kindly got to test out the Quintessential package which cost £38 for 16 tokens. This was more than enough and was such good value for money for the amount of wines we tried.

Have you ever been wine tasting?


  1. This is such a brilliant idea! Going to add this onto my list of things to do. This would definitely be a great night out for the boyfriend and I :)

  2. Can't wait to do this - I'm booked for January when I think I'll need all the wine I can get! I love the idea of choosing for yourself, and that's great to know they email you about your chosen wines.

    Rosie xx

  3. This is perfect for me and my friends, we all love a good glass of wine, thanks for sharing. xx



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