Christmas Foodie's Festival

If you've been reading this blog for longer than a week, you'll immediately know i'm into food in a big way. My expanding waistline doesn't really appreciate this. I got an invite to go the special Christmas Foodie Festival and I gathered five of my fellow greedy friends and we spent the day ooooh-ing and ahhh-ing over delicious grub. One of the best things about popping along to a food festival is taking advantage of the samples. Boy did we take advantage! We had to try everything to make sure it was edible right?

I'm going to list a few of my highlights:

Blackdown Artisan Spirits - They were showing off their incredible Christmas Pudding Vodka which they served warm with mulled spices. I'm a bit of a pansy with straight spirits but this I could have guzzled all day. It was so comforting and had the perfect kick to it. I'd imagine it's great in front of an open fire with a mince pie to munch on. It's quite pricy at £40 but would make a great gift.

Gibson Organic - These liquors are homemade on a family-run farm in the Cotswold. I was persuaded to try the raspberry liquor and was immediately sold so splashed out on a glass of prosecco mixed with a fruity shot. It was so refreshing and delicious. I'll be buying a bottle for the festive period!

Wild At Heart - This stall had a yummy looking selection of jams, jellies and a pesto. I was kindly given a pot of the presto to try and am looking forward to sampling it on some fresh pasta with roasted tomatoes.

Mello Mallo - I was very excited to see these here as I follow them on Twitter and was dying to sample their goods. I treated myself to the gorgeous looking white chocolate and raspberry marshmallows. They were deliciously fluffy and melted in my mouth. I wish I had bought some more!

Cranes - These fruity alcoholic juices tasted like the perfect summer drink - they're only 99 calories per drink too. Amazing! I sampled all flavours and the tangy cranberry had to be my favourite.

I also came home with a massive bag full of different spicy sausages and salami from the stall that sold the chorizo above. I have no idea what to use it all for so am open to suggestions? I have paella and an antipasti night on the list so far. I just couldn't leave it behind for a tenner!

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