Acting your age

As I've mentioned before, I turn 26 next month much to my disgust and I keep reading different articles about what things you should or shouldn't be doing once you hit a certain age. What utter rubbish! Just because you hit the grand old age of 25 doesn't mean you should stay indoors and invest in a pipe and slippers. You want to go out dancing and come home when the birds start singing? Then go for! Equally you want to stay in your jammies all day and binge watch Netflix? Go for it!

I'm not about to let my age dictate how I dress, what I do or how I act. And nor should you. Those crop tops are staying in my wardrobe for as long as I have a fairly flat stomach. Even if that means I'm doing it well into my 30s and I'm getting tutted at in the street. I'm also going to carry on going to a club and dancing until my feet are about to fall off. Who cares if society decides 'you're too old' to do certain things. You only get one life so you may as well do what makes you happy. I've not got enough time to worry about what other people think of my actions or if i'm acting my age.

Growing old disgracefully seems kinda perfect to me! I'll be the old lady wearing red lipstick, unsensible shoes, sequins and dancing to the YMCA loud and proud. Care to join me?


  1. Hell yeah Sophie! In fact, just add 'disgracefully' to the end of any of my recent actions and you've got my life explained in a nutshell ;)

  2. Age it totally just a number! You're as young as you feel and we're lucky that we live in a world where being labelled as 'old' comes a lot later in life now. Do the hell what you want and enjoy it :)

  3. I'm 24 ans still acting like I'm 20 - Who cares?!

    - Elodie x

  4. Hear hear! I'm 22 and I'm already having people tell me I need to get on with certain things before I get too old (somehow think this is mainly a "problem" for girls?) On the other hand, I have the opposite of this problem in that my mental age is about 65 :) happy birthday in advance! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua : Life between the UK and Italy

  5. I hate how people put a time limit on things - pre-25 I felt the pressure but now I don't care, I'm hardly queuing for my pension at 27 and for our generation we've got so much longer to work everything out (and to er, work work while we're at it) so what's the rush? x


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