Feeling like a princess

Vintage style cream party dress: c/o Chi Chi London
Gold glittery pumps: Primark (similar)
Gold rings: Vintage

I saw a girl at a party wearing the black version of this dress and decided there and then I had to hunt it down. Imagine my surprise when I found Etail was offering it - amazing! I think there a bit of fate involved in that instance. I was a little worried it might look a bit too bridal for my liking but I love the gold vintage touches and the full 50's style skirt - even if it's not the most flattering!  It makes me want to flounce around like a total loon - there's something about a huge skirt that I have a soft spot for. I think it has birthday dress written all over it - something has to soften the blow I'm going to be 26.


  1. Sophie you look gorgeous!

  2. THIS DRESS THOUGH!!! It's been on my wish list for so long, and you are looking just so beauitful xx

  3. oh my gosh, you look stunning! I can imagine this being a beautiful wedding dress, but yet it doesn't look wedding-y on it's own.
    Beautiful m'dear xx

  4. OHHH ma gad, what a beautiful dress Sophie! Looks so perfect on you!! <3

  5. Oh my goodness, this dress is absolutely stunning! I'm all for dresses that make you feel like a princess. My first thought was that it looks a bit bridal (I may have watched too many 'Say yes to the dress' episodes lately), but not too much. I would definitely wear it as a party/birthday dress as well! x


  6. Hey, this dress looks amazing on you *.*
    I wanted to ask you about the size. Usually I'm uk10. Can you advice me, should I order also uk10? I never had Chi Chi dress, so I'm not sure about the size..


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