Tower Poppies

I'd been planning to visit the beautiful Tower Poppies for months and I finally got the chance to pop down to see them last weekend. What a gorgeous day it was to choose - London is always so much prettier when the sun is shining. The city just seems to come alive.

We hopped off at St Pauls and decided to walk along the river - with a detour to Borough Market which was shut for filming booo! - to the Tower. The Tower of London gets me every single time, it always has ever since I was a little girl obsessed with the Tudors. It always takes my breath away whenever I see it and it's by far my favourite building in London. So much history in one place - it's just a shame it's flipping £25 to go and visit!

We walked along Tower Bridge and immediately saw the huge crowds leaning over the fences to catch a glimpse of the poppies. They looked absolutely stunning. It was really humbling to stand there and take in the sight whilst thinking that there was a ceramic poppy for every single person who lost their life in The Great War. It really is mind-blowing to think there are 888,246 poppies in the moat. It's so hard to imagine such a horrific loss of life in only four years. It's an outstanding tribute to the 100 year anniversary.

If you can make it to the Tower before Armistice Day, make sure you go! I'm a massive history buff when it comes to the World Wars - that sounds very strange i'll admit, but I just think it's so important to learn from our mistakes. But even if you're not that interested in the history behind it, I personally think it's a great place to recognise the the sacrifices these soldiers made so we can live the life we lead.

Have you been to see the poppies?


  1. I always pass these while I'm out running - so beautiful. x

  2. This looks amazing - if I was closer to London I would definitely be visiting! I did my dissertation on the First World War so I'm weirdly obsessed with war memorials, so heartbreaking. x

  3. I really hope to see these this year, they look amazing.

    X x

  4. I haven't been to see this yet, but I really want to go! xx


  5. This reeeeally is amazing, I wish I was closer to London and it wasn't so pricey to get there!

  6. Lovely photos Sophie. The poppies look like an amazing sight to see.

    Emma Xx

  7. I really need to catch these before they disappear! xx


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