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I've been a glasses wearer since the tender age of 7. By the time I went to secondary school I was wearing them full time. Mostly because I was a lazy bum and didn't take them off between classes and my eyes grew used to them. When I was 14 following lots of tears about boys being horrible, my mum took me to the opticians to get my first pair of contact lenses and i've never looked back.

I'm not a regular contact lens wearer - it usually works out around twice a week, sometimes not even that. I value my lay ins to be wearing them every day as I feel like I need to make much more of an effort with my make up if i'm not wearing my glasses. So it's taken me a while to get this review up.

1-Day Acuvue Tru Eye have more moisture than my old contacts which means I can wear them for longer without my eyes drying out. This used to be such a problem as it worked out I often had my contacts in for 12 hours a day as I get home around 7pm. My eyes would be irritable and I couldn't wait to pop my glasses on. My eyes now feel less itchy and I never feel like I actually have any contacts in. It's a revelation! They also have the highest UV blocking protection available which makes them great for the hot summer months. Your eyes should be one of the most important things you look after! They're so easy to pop in and very rarely make my eyes water.

I was very kindly given a contact lens test at Specs of Kensington in Earls Court to work out what prescription I needed. I felt very well looked after and felt my eyes were in the best possible care. The optician talked me through why it was important to look after my eyes and why Tru Eye would work best for me. She gave me a weeks to trial and then I had to come back for a follow up appointment to see how I was getting on. She asked me to voice any concerns and looked at how well the contacts were sitting in my eyes.  The contacts were a success and I was given a months free. They may be a little more expensive than my regular ones but I've fallen in love with them and have since purchased them twice again. I'm more than willing to shell out the extra dosh. I don't think I'll ever go back to wearing my old ones.

Are you a regular contact lens wearer? What ones do you use?

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