Review: The Riding House Cafe

Since my office  relocated outside London, i've been so out of the loop with all the going ons. There seems to be a new place every week for me to try and I can hardly keep up! I'd heard about The Riding House Cafe on the grapevine so when the girls suggested we nurse our wine hangovers there yesterday, I was excited to cross it off my list.

With exposed brick walls, antiques dotted around and distressed wooden tables, it was shabby chic with a touch of class. I loved the industrial feel of the place and it helped give it a little something extra. I was particularly impressed with the loos, the fact on the door was a cute touch. Staff were attentive, filling up our water without us even having to ask. Our food arrived in a jiffy and we didn't feel rushed at all.

I opted for the Chorizo Hash Brown with two poached eggs and a giant mushroom. When it arrived I groaned a little inside, it didn't look big enough to satisfy my hangover but looks can be decieving. I would have prefered a little more chorizo but it went down an absolute treat. The eggs were on the perfect side of runny and the hash brown had the ideal amout of spice. The potato was deliciously soft and melted in your mouth. I could have eaten it ten times over.

Have you ever been to The Riding House Cafe?


  1. ooh this looks so so nice!

    from helen at

  2. This looks like such a nice little cafe, I could definitely do with one of those chorizo hash browns right now, yum! x

  3. My mouth's watering at that poached egg, looks perfect! I wish there were cute cafes like this where I live. xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  4. Nice write up, I have been blogging about it too:

  5. I've been! But I had the eggs florentine and pancakes (I went big that day!) I loved all the food - the pancakes were the best I ever had, but it's quite hard to get a reservation there sometimes!

    Saskia /

  6. a chorizo hashbrown? SAY WHAT??????! i LOVE chorizo, and i blooming love hashbrowns so this sounds like my idea of HEAVEN. HEAVEN ON A PLATE XX


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