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I was invited to help celebrate a new camapaign for Dove Invisble Dry deodorant to spread the news that it's been proven to leave no white marks on a staggering 100 different colours. Pretty impressive right? They've teamed up with fashion designer Olivia Rubin to encourage women to ditch the drab black and embrace more colour. You can upload photos of yourself wearing vibrant colours throughout this month onto their website to be in with a chance to win a special capsule collection. It's been created exclusively for Dove by the woman herself.


I got to have a chat with colour psychology expert Karen Haller who gave her top tips on how colour can work for you. I didn't realise that hot pink is actually a cold colour as it's blue based. It's probably only called hot pink because of the sheer intensity of the colour. I wear a lot of red as it's one of the colours I feel most confident in and found out it gives off phyiscal courage. Maybe there's a reason why I always wear it then?!

In our goodie bag we were kindly given a compressed bottle of the product. It holds exactly the same amount of product as a normal bottle but has less gas meaning it can be squeezed in 75ml bottle. This makes it perfect to take in your hand luggage for your holiday. It won't run out midway through like the normal tenny tiny travel bottles.

I've been trialing it for over a week, trying to make a concious effort to wear all different colours in a bid to find out if it lives up to its claim. So does it? A bit fat yes! So many deodorants leave the dreaded white mark, who's got time to wait for it to dry fully in the morning when you're in a rush? This dries almost instantly and so far it's not tarnished anything. Even black! I was forever running to the bathroom and splashing water in the offending area. This will definately be something i'll be picking up from Boots on a regular basis!

Are you a fan of Dove deordorants?


  1. I've love a bit of that kiwi fruit right now. Those little bottles are handy for my handbag if I go for a post work drink or something xx

  2. I use Dove deodrant, I've been using it for YEARS and there isn't one better. I didn't realise hot pink was cold colour either, I'm wearing it today haha!

    Tara x

  3. Looks like an amazing event! I love Dove deodorant!


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