Review: The Purple Salon

When an email dropped in my inbox asking me if i'd like to be treated to a blow dry by The Purple Salon. I've never actually had a proper bouncy blow dry. I know right? I've been extremely lucky that my wonderful uncle is a hairdresser and he helps me keep control of my mop. As I usually have it done late at night I don't want him to spend hours blow drying my hair into shop so it usually get it blow dried straight.

I arrived to the salon with a sinking feeling as my name wasn't on their appointment list. But credit to them, they didn't seem fazed and did their best to fit me in. It took a lot of shifting but in the end it worked out fine.

I was very well looked after by the junior Chloe (I think that was her name!) who made sure I was comfortable and fetched me a drink and magazines to read. She was very chatty and made me feel at ease. My stylist Karl again was very friendly and made me feel at ease too. I was very impressed with his attention to detail and he worked well with Chloe as a team. I was in awe of the fact I had two people working in the blow dry! I was so happy with the result. Just look at those curls?! It helped put a spring in my step the whole day. It lasted for most of the day. Karl explained the curls would have held better if my hair was layered. Something i'm going to look into getting down next time i'm due a trim.

Thanks so much guys!


  1. Wit woooo, your locks look so luscious Soph! :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. So much love for your hair here Sophie! x

  3. I had a Brazilian Keratin treatment there a few months back and I got the same VIP treatment - two people straightening my hair at once, it makes you feel like a diva doesn't it?! Just stumbled across your blog and really love your style, Cara x


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