Review: Pizza Pilgrims

After hearing stories about the drool-worthy pizzas sold out of the back of a pizza oven van I got excited. I got even more excited when I discovered they'd opened a restaurant in Dean Street, Soho. Food vans are all well and good but when you work during the week, they're awfully hard to get to!

I'm ashamed that it's taken me this long to try Pizza Pilgrims myself. It has been on my foodie list for an age and I finally managed to try it at the weekend. We got seating straight away as we opted for a late lunch about 2.30 ish and trotted downstairs to pursue the menu. I've slowly gone off meaty pizzas so opted for the tasty sounding Aubergine Parmagiana. The menu isn't massive but there's something for everyone. Plenty of meat and veggie ones with a few unusual ones should you be feeling adventurous.

Both the pizzas arrived promptly, my friend and I had barely got down to the juicy gossip before our friendly waiter appeared with this beauty below. The mozzarella was deliciously gooey and the tomato base was nice and tart. I loved the addition of the whole cherry tomatoes and the aubergines was perfectly soft. Nothing worse than coming across one that's too tough and chewy. The bottom of the base was slightly black but this added to it's flavour, made it more authentic! The dough had perfect consistency, neither too soggy or too crisp. It was a dream to pull apart! I could have eaten it twice over.

I'm already planning my next trip back! Have you ever been to Pizza Pilgrims?

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  1. Ohhhh man, I haven't been here but am adding it to my pizza list! That pie looks amazing (I'd eat it right now and it's not even ten in the morning!)

  2. Those pizzas look amazing!

    X x

  3. this looks great, adding it to my list of places to try. The prices aren't bad either x

  4. This looks delicious! Dream Team date soon plz!

  5. I really like Pizza Pilgrims, and it's so great to see how they've grown in such a short time, it was less than 2 years ago I was queuing up to buy pizzas out of their van on Berwick St!

    Rosie xx


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