Thrifty Finds #5

The charity shop gods have been my friend recently. I've been finding lots of lovely junk!

001. I absolutely love glass jelly moulds. Admittedly I don't really like jelly that much but they look pretty snazzy on display. The words of a true hoarder right?! This one was only a £1 and was calling my name.

002. This was the find I was most excited about! I dream of finding the perfect dressing table set. Alas there was only the mirror available but the pattern is so pretty. It's a great size and looks beautiful on my shelf!

003. A little treasure my mum picked up for me. She started to turn in me, unable to walk away from a charity shop if she sees on on her travels. I don't think this is vintage but it'll be a lovely addition should I ever entertain guests around breakfast time.

004. This cute sugar bowl and milk jug set caught the eye of my mother and she brought it home for me. It's going in the wedding collection if I ever should get married. I'd love to have afternoon tea instead of a three course meal and am also keeping my beady eye out for teacups and saucers.

005: I'm addicted to finding these little men now - it's the first thing I look out for when i'm hunting around charity shops. I think he's by far the cutest one I own. He was a little expensive at £4 but I think he was worth splashing out for. The red cabbage fellow is next on my list!  I can't wait for the bootsales to start up again.

Have you had any luck in the charity shops recently?


  1. you're on a roll at a moment, finding some great things!

  2. I've a pickled onion and beetroot head, too. They're ridiculously kitsch but so loveable. x

  3. I haven't had a look around charity shops for ages! I need some new things for my new house so charity shop will be a good place for me to start! x

  4. That little man is adorable!

    Maria xxx

  5. The little veg men do freak me out a little bit ;/
    I love the jelly mould though.


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